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Finally the mobile version! Takes me when i first started playin im@s games on the PSP[耍帥][耍帥] the implementation of Live2D is stunning~ the only downside are the crashes and sometimes screen flicker at the start.
Starting from 24th of march and lasting for 20days you can pull 10 gacha daily for free (so up to 210 free pulls) thanks to the 1st Anniversary Campaign!!

GnP director? YES!

First,i really enjoy the BGMS, the sound designers did really a good job, it set up the mood (and im a big fan of military march-like music).As a military game, i dont mind that the gameplay is more strategy-oriented without direct control of units.
The Graphics: Good animations, nice 3d models (when they eat around the table omg +v+) the planes are okay considering how small are during fights. (the skins are unlocked by getting the 3star and is locked to the plane)
The Gacha: Max rarity is 3 Star, with a guaranteed 2 star if you summon with 600 diamonds (like you get a SR whne the max is an SSR)
Overall: i dont know if its the login screen or the rarity, but it reminds me Princess Connect:ReDive( in a good way) anyway, just started playing so everything i wrote above may be not true, but i like this type of games (ㆁωㆁ*)

Last words: Consider watching the anime too !

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


Amazing graphics

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Upcoming FREE GACHAS!!
Starting 24th March you can do 10 gacha for FREE every day for 20DAYS thanks to the 1st Anniversary Campaign!
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