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Brave Frontier 2


At best, a great sequel with improved game mechanics. At worst, Alim did not learn their mistakes from BF1 and went back to extreme powercreep, making the sequel's meta not last a long as the first game.

Epic Seven


Graphics and storyline are fine. The gacha system OTOH, is very horrendous. Progression is literally RNG dependant in this game, as you can go weeks or even months without either summoning any 5* unit, getting any good gear with good rolls, or both. PVP's top ranks are basically filled with nat 5* Moonlight summons and that's only available with Galaxy Bookmarks for 4-5% rate for 5* (Yes, I'm still in no 5* ML club after 5 months playing. That's how bad it is). PVP cancers aside, it's a decent game overall.

EDIT: I changed the rating. the devs are not willing to improve the game. The only good thing about this game is it's graphics now. So if you're that aesthetic player, you can still play it. However, min maxers are gonna suffer from all those new currencies+ yet more RNGFest.

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