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Heya I am Akkun ^^! Just another otaku who does anime covers. I hope you enjoy your time.
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Heya I am Akkun ^^! Just another otaku who does anime covers. I hope you enjoy your time.
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Ahh another global version?! Wow....idol hell is real πŸ₯² but anything for dias and favorite cards

First things first we get to see english lyrics while playing!!!! Although it's not so great of a feature but it's again quite interesting to have that while playing literally!!! I dont think anyother game has done something like this so enstar gets full points for creativity but it's placing is a bit awkward to be able to actually read lyrics while playing the rhythm game!!!

The artstyle is quite good!! So you will be easily tempted to scout for most banners so u need to fight that temptation!
The gameplay is actually quite fun and the rhythm part is actually quite challenging!! Rhythm players will like it!
Story wise it's quite good.[EDIT] The translations are a bit off they arent perfect!!! I read only first 2 chapters earlier and the translations werent that bad but as the things progress and you read more you can find few areas were there's extra spaces in between words and some translations are hard to understand!!! So if you find any such thing you guys can screenshot and send it to customer care from data room which is quite an easy way to report such issue!!!
Coming to font style which many here are hating...tbh i dont mind the font much it's not that bad and ii m able to read and understand stuff so its good to me. Plus they might have a reason as to why they couldn't use same font as Jp server.
Gacha... it's not easy to say right now as its just at the beginning stages. Will have to see if rate up and rates will be lie or not πŸ˜…
The dia count becoming 3.5k is hated by many but CN server has same and the EN server is going to follow similar to CN
The one thing that i dont feel the most comfortable in the game will be the events.....that 3.5million points for just one copy of event 5* scares me cause being honest in JP server i could never cross more than 2 million points as i never had time for them plus just 2 million points would exhaust me 😭😭 I hope EN server does something about it which is just a hopeful thinking from my side!!

But again if you want a challenging game enstars is there for you!!! Anyone can play this game even boys!!!! And if anyone says to you(boy) that this game is girlish just say them its not!!!! And ask them if they can full combo and get 3.5 million points and also get 5* cards without selling their souls πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Ok so the game seems fine!! ofcourse there are issues like lagging and freezing but it seems cool!!
The stories are pretty good..... from whatever little japanese i understand they are good!!
The lives are great its similar to bandori style so its a pretty familiar pattern for rhythm game players!
2d lives are actually cute with those chibis dancing and moving!!! [ι–‹εΏƒ][ι–‹εΏƒ][ι–‹εΏƒ]
I can kind of understand why sideM fans are disappointed but again looking back at it, this game is actually quite good and can compete with other male idol franchise games and it can surpass them if there are future updates which reduce/remove lag and freeze issues!!!!
Also i know bandai would never release a rhythm game in English but still i would like if they add or release a English server!!!!

I am stuck in idol hell since ages and there is no escape from this.....

It's true hell. For your sanity please dont install it. 3.5 million points is way toooooooooo much 😭😭😭😭 I have never been able to cross 1.5 million due to my schedule. Please please stay away from this game unless you wanna burn in the fires of hell πŸ˜…πŸ˜­πŸ˜­/j

Just kidding don't take this seriously πŸ˜‚. But yes it's really hard to tier up in events. Except that part everything is soooo great about this game.

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


its an awesome game. i really love its stories finally theres one male idol franchise which is covers the realistic parts atleast in an abstract manner. BTW STAN RIKU πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

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My best ranking ever I completely forgot about my ranking....i didn't think i would ever get a 3 digit rank ....but now that i think my glitter team was just umm pretty much dead so going for Rinne's card and that too getting 2 copies was a pretty good deal except for the fact that my thumbs were pretty much broken by the time this event ended....which makes me realise that yep i cant be a pro gamer/streamer and here's the reason lol πŸ€£πŸ€£ Read Note
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