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Onmyoji Arena | Global


Probably the best moba I've played, but it has a small player base for the global server, still give it a spin is worth a try.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Runs great after 2 or 3 levels then it start to drop in fps until i get a frozen screen, i hope this is a compatibility problem so it get fixed in a future update, so far I'm enjoying it and i want to keep playing without having to close and open the game to avoid a dead screen.

Runs really well and most importantly is an improvement over FGO battle system instead of being a copy.
The sprite are what you would expect same for the music, honestly I'm more disappointed in the attack animation comparing Jin to Noel, Jin moves totally ok but Noel only move it arms, same problem with the special attacks, i expected some crazy stuff but i only got a small combo of kicks and punches



Pretty fun puzzle game but for some reason i got performance issues with it, like getting horrible slow down until a frozen screen, it's weird since the others IM@S games i can play them at max settings, so i hope it gets fixed in the future.



Really fun card game, only have 2 problems though, some collabs missing and optimization issues, like slow loading times, Lite mode or low graphics don't help at all.

Compared to it's initial release the game has improved a lot and rewards are quite generous so I believe it's worth checking out and sticking around to see how it keeps improving.

It just a tutorial to promote the card game, the art is nice but didn't really liked the rules and feels unbalanced.

Dragon Quest Rivals


I've played for a long time, and so far it keeps things balanced not going too crazy with the powercreep like most card games, as for the story mode, is pretty simple but you can get good resources pretty fast compared to doing daily missions.

Vanguard Zero | Japanese


It may be a pill hard to swallow for those who only like the usual vanguard rules, the game is fun but it really feels like something is missing. As for the music and animation, those are all borrowed from the first anime, not a single remix just the original ost, it feels kinda cheap for a game that got delayed multiple times

Generous gacha, got 7 five stars units on my first day.

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