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"Another day, another one of Ramuda's hostages," Gentaro states, taking a gracefully generous sip of mountain dew.
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"Another day, another one of Ramuda's hostages," Gentaro states, taking a gracefully generous sip of mountain dew.
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Ngl, the game is good. I am sure that it was thouroughly thought, because the options available are unlimited.

The story's great, characters are really good, I can't even select my oshi at this point, card designs are amazing and the atmosphere of the entire thing is really melancholic, which makes it even better.

The rhythmic isn't bad, it isn't the focus, but its definitely great and added a real good effect to the game in general. The RPG side isn't boring either, its really fun and strategic. There were points where it got difficult, but never too much.

The gacha is tough. Like, really tough. There is a pity system where you are 100% SSR guaranteed on your 100th pull, but trying to get a single SSR within that is almost impossible. Or it has been so far for me. The percentage of getting an SSR within a 10 pull is 1.5%, which isn't quite bad, but if that 1.5% doesn't work on 70 PULLS (I am serious) then idk about this one.

Compared to how difficult the gacha is, collecting gems is a bit hard. Requires grinding. Even as a new player, it's pretty hard to collect enough.

Not a fan of that.

But the rest of the game's great. Kinda looking forward to playing more, although the game being really greedy.

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese


A kind of review by some one who has only played this game for week??

I would say that the game is well thought and story itself is addicting (?) at this point. The twists are very well-thought, I am really excited to see Tamaki meet Aya right now :)

Gameplay is simple and fun. You can just do so much, you can pick you homescreen background and earn it through multiple events and some progressing through story. And I have yet to explore it, but there is another option of customizing the stage.

The events just take all these options to another level. I was really anticipating Mitsuki's birthday, and it was so well-done, I wasn't disappointed at all. There are so many event types, I am excited and looking forward to playing more.

The music is top-tier idol-like. Just as you would expect it lol. Not saying it is not goodーI am in love with TRIGGER's songs, they all project their dorkiness lol
If I word it better, the music is enjoyable. It is not my type, but it definitely enjoyable, and I really like Touma's often rapping in ZOOL's songs.

The beat maps are intense, and really good. I recommend getting better at bringing all-perfect-combos in easy before shifting to normal and so on, since I have a bad time getting those lol (plus it helps complete those missions of playing the song 15 times, 30 times etc for the few gems easily). You can even put it on Auto if you want, which will make you free from smashing your fingers on screen lol but the music videos that appear in background are really cool.

The card-leveling up system is amazing as well, as it offers multiple options to strengthen your cards. I am not used to it yet, but the "awakening" system is a bit similar to "blooming" system from "A3!", another otome-type game which I really enjoy. But "awakening" not only makes your card stronger, but it increases the rarity of your cards, which is something I had never seen before. You can awaken SSRs to URs.

The gems collecting system is extremely generous. The SSR rate is 5%, which is higher than most games I have seen. For gems, which are better known as stella gems, if you just play a single song and complete all its missions, you can get get about 30-40 from that itself. Birthdays offer about the same amount of gems and by using 100 stella gems, you can 11 pulls. often, there are 50% discount (?) for once and you can pull 11 cards with 50 gems. how else can you explain "generous"?

As a seiyuu fan, the VAs are perfect for these characters. I am a fan of Kimura Subaru's rapping because of Ichirou (from Hypnosis Mic) already, and now Touma rapping is just. I am also a fan of Minami's VA, I love his high-pitched voice and clips of him on youtube lol. And Riku's voice actor's voice range... aaaaa... you wouldn't believe me if I say that he voiced Akutagawa from BSD.
The characters are so well-potrayed by the story please help I am dying on the floor. I am already so far into the first main story lol

My favorites so far are probably Torao and the TRIGGER. Looking forward to more! _(:3 」∠ )_

Are there any flaws about this game? I can't remember any right now, honestly. Except the story can make your eyes sweat a bit lol.

A3! | English


I see, this is what Gekkagumi hell looks like.


Chikage is very hot

Juza bby boy (。>﹏<。)

I can't really explain how infatuated I have gotten with this game, honestly (≧∀≦)ゞ

The graphics rock, and the game is totally smooth. Of course, there are a few times it lags during Killer Scratch (which I am pretty sure is a problem with my device capacity rather than the game,) but it still works smoothly enough for me to not make a miss.

The characters and the plotline are heavily indulging. The toxicity between characters like Ramuda and Jakurai or Ichiro and Samatoki etc.. is really well potrayed (>﹏<)

And why wouldn't I include that the songs are literally out of this world? I have no words to describe how good they are lol

All in all, this is probably one of the best game that I have ever played.

And Fling Posse and Matenro are the best \(0^◇^0)/

I am also addicted to The Champion lmao

Best music game ever. [開心]
The graphics are amazing and the game is very inspiring.
Although... I have no luck with the gacha.

but still, the cards are VERY MOCATASTIC!!<( ̄︶ ̄)>

This game is pretty amazing. \(^o^)/

Great sound and storyline
Awesome gameplay and graphics

But the game is just Mocatastic!!╰( ̄▽ ̄)╮

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Loading time Hi, I'd like some advice, if possible. because of this error, i can't do co-op shows.
basically my loading time is way too slow. No problem with virtual live, that loads perfectly fine. but when I pull or if I try to play solo shows or co-op shows, the loading takes way too long (over a minute at this point). 
i would post a video but I dont think its possible. If there is anything i can do to fix it, that would be great. 
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