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Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


This game is wonderfull!!! The story is very good and fully voiced( if you understand Japanese [怪笑] stop crying for English and learn! hihi[微笑]) . The animation of the conversation is super cute and very fluid.

The game propose many battle Quest and the second part of the game The café is more relax [色色]

I really enjoy the game and this is normal that not all game want to release globally. It's mainly du to server capacity :} This game is reallly worth it :] !

Very nice game by Square Enix. The game play is very fluid and you have a lot of selection for the setting, you can even set the game to 1440. You can also set the number of peoples visible in the main city, so you can avoid lag.

the music is very nice like all S.E games. The game is fully traducted in English but not the voices. The only reason why I don't rate it 5/5 it's because the game character creation is very very empty, I was a bit surprise.

The game have a nice system of cross server so you can play with friends even if they are not in the save server as your!

Good little game, worth it [微笑]

Penguin's Isle


what a wonderful indi game! [色色]

Oh yess !!! Finally ! I will have the chance to start at the beginning of this niice game !!!!

IF you like rhythm game this is a most !



Decent game with anime animation, the ost is very good like all Square Enix game. User friendly and not a p2w. I don't mind to pay a bit for f2p game when the game is really good, devs don't create games only for fun. that's a busines and many people seem to forget that.

Not all game are made for hardcore rpg player and we need such games. Givin a bad scores just because you don't like the mechanics is pretty meh.. no wonder why many games are not translated or offer for foreigners.. English coment are so bad vs Asian one.

that's not going the biggest hit of S. E ever but that's a really decent game. [不滿]

Animation are fluid, nice graphic in fact that's a sequel of a game a completly forgot the name. If you like non stop action in a 2d environment this game is for you! [微笑][微笑]

As an project diva f player for me for me mobile rythm game as always been meh. But that game is truly a gem. The notes mechanics with the console graphics are just amazing.

You don't have to pay anything to have a full experience. There's always nice event and the music is mixed super well.

If you like rythm game this game is a most!

So good so far, nice story with nice visual. Also the gameplay is very different from classic rpg which is very interesting!!

The music is very good too good quality. I recommand

Diva Destiny | Chinese


Hello, i really enjoy that game.. i'm a project diva player at base.. and i dont enjoy in general mobile rythm game .. but this one geez that's a gem ! Not like other mobile.. you have full song not only ultra generic 2min song. The touch are very responsive. very nice graphic with many options to really customize your set-up for you mobile. You dont have to spent a dime to fully enjoy the game.

SO give it a shot if you enjoy game like Project Diva.

I have a question for active player : do you know if its possible to buy gem with a foreigner bank account because i tried and this is not working.

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I think they should set a rule on this app. People who's coment :English please : = ban. The coment make no sens what so ever for an review. You are downloading a game, let's say a Japanese one.. and your coment is : Plz English I don't understand Japanese.
 Why these people's even bother to download the game if they are not enough intelligent to coment other aspect of the game? Does these coment change something? no. Do they help the dev? no. 
I got an reply one day by someone who said : what the problem if I trash talk the game are you immature?! If you don't understand why there's a problem by poorly rating a game for no reason don't help at all.. your part of the problem.
 These free games are generally made by indi game dev studios and how you think they make money? If the the game have a poor rate.. people will not play it and spend some money... 
what's the point to make game to receive coment like :English plz / no English rate 1. why do you think mobile game industrie is so bad.. and many dev don't even want to deal with with a global release..
If you wanna bash games and greedy Triple A like ea. go for it because there are real reason to but bashing small indi studio.. shame. [no]
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