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Arknights | English


graphics are pogu, it has cool voices and shit .
the gameplay is challenging and grindy
you can get passed levels even with 3* operators,so even if the chance of getting a top/senior operator is low .
you can pretty much get to next stage with some grinding .

for the story I skipped them ....
seriously tho a lot of gacha game have stories , why not make this into an anime just like azurlane .

overall nice and grindy i've just played for 3-5 days and I got lost track of the time

Azur Lane | English


Poi? collect your shipfu now

It can get grindy from time to time which is bad for a nox user like me, because i don't want to burn up my laptop while the auto-farm is playing by it self
but, for a mobile user this should not be much of a problem, just don't burn your cpu up.

fairly nice gacha using the in game currency and not a premium kinds of gacha to get a good ship .

in conclusion it's pretty similar to GFL but you dodge torpedo and bullet + YOU CAN GET SHIRATSUYU ,
idk if shiratsuyu is good or not, but as a WoWs player I HAVE TO FIND SHIRATSUYU TO FULFILLED MY LIFE

It's overall a good game
The gacha is pretty good as long as you are willing to grind for resources
Grinding for resources is not that hard, you just gotta do logistic quest and wait (You can play other game while waiting)

It have stories that can be enjoyed, tho i haven't got into all the chapters so i don't have much to said in this (Spare me veteran, i'm a rookie)

In conclusion, this game will make you feel like a real american

Eternal Senia but mobile click tappingversion.
If we are talking about the story , it's really good .
Tho the gameplay might get hard later on making it a bit grindy or you can use phantom strike skill to dodge most attack later on

Toram Online


It's a good leveling kinds of game. making me go back to those old hellish grinding time.
The graphics is pretty good for an Online, Mobile game.
Maybe they should make an app for PC.
Anyway Good Job Asobimo. This is definitely better than Iruna

Night of the Full Moon


Pretty nice offline game and thing to play when you are bored

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I wonder how will the control work on mobile ,
I hope it will be great [開心]
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