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【ไทย / ENG / 日本語OK !】i play mostly otome games and wait a whole millennium to review them.
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【ไทย / ENG / 日本語OK !】i play mostly otome games and wait a whole millennium to review them.
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i cant wait to see eichi being an absolute pain in english

edit : okay um, real talk. i have adhd and the font makes me really angry because it literally h u r t s to read. they could have chosen any other font and they chose this weird, clunky, uneven-in-thickness font ? who benefits from this ? it's not even aesthetically pleasing. aside from that, they chose to deviate from the original jp game's interface and you might get used to it eventually, but i'm still on the fence about that. will try the game for a few more days and decide to keep or delete it and go back to being a switchp on the jp server.

the game switches between translating 猫 as cats and catboys, although that doesn't bother me too much. i do think them (the characters) referring to [an action a cat might often do] would be more,,, fluid than [an action a catboy might often do] i guess? ? i really don't have the right word.
also, this is without any spoilers ; the translation in a certain part of laurier's route... yeah,,, that. i didn't even read that. i am so glad i understand japanese so i could just listen to ishikawa kaito's voice without having to read whatever the translation team did because they certainly had a field day with that lol

overall, it's a short and sweet(?) game. the fanservice is like... there? but also not really? and the mc doesn't speak / there are no dialogue choices. well, it is meant to be played like a drama cd so I'll let it slide.

anyway, i just think catboys are neat.

Obey Me! Shall we date?


alright, i had to reinstall this to give a review because i forgot to do it before uninstalling- anyway. please pardon my excessive usage of commas and bad english/limited vocabulary in general.


* so i've been playing this game since it first released, and i have to say :it was really fun!at least at the beginning because it kept me playing until only a few months ago. the artworks for the cards and bgs were really pleasant to look at. the voice acting was great and the voice actors themselves have become somewhat of an icon for the community i think!the story were engaging at first, but i guess i kinda lost interest after being unable to get past a certain stage and having to grind for it while also trying to maintain my rank in the continuous event story. i think that was when i started to lose interest. now,onto some things i can actually call a review.

**the game really encourages you to go vip (aka. pay for in-game benefits )but you can still get by relatively fine being a f2p player. however, you won't be getting near that point where you can get actually the UR card from any event unless you try r e a l l y hard(yk,saving your energy by not touching the main story at all and therefore not getting any upgrade materials,save devil point to get all bonus cheat cards,etc. )so even if i can honestly say that it is f2p friendly,new players might have a bit of a hard time managing all of that.

***there's always new content coming out for the fandom. the anime,otaku fm eps,behind the scenes. just so so many things. you won't get bored. the same goes for the game itself. you won't have to wait long after one event ends for another one to come out. which is great if you like event stories. it can also gets tiring quickly,keep that in mind or you'll get burnt-out( like i did )

**** i'm sure that a lot of people already talked about the gacha and the rhythm game part of it. the gacha rates aren't bad,but after a lot(like.. 7)of ur/ur+beel cards(he's fine. i just like him the least out of every chara )when i was aiming for someone else... i might have a bias so i certainly don't want to say anything like i like the gacha. so i think i'll end my cure for tonight's insomnia here and go to bed. try the game for yourself,it saves your progress if you link it to a fb account.

ps . game literally said to me "i know you'll uninstall so here's a ur+mammon card on your free roll,also take this upgrade for that one ssr memory you need to pass that level you were stuck at"and i now hate this game(fr tho i will still be active in the fandom,drawing fa.s and following the va. content. also might come back to the game someday.)

i think i'm quite late in reviewing this, considering i downloaded it since the release and now enstars!! is changing its rating from 4+ to 17+...what can i say? i guess i'm just really into procrastinating. anyhow, from this point on is the actual review. please pardon me for my bad english and the myriads of commas that i use.


alright, where to start? i think the first impression is a fine choice.

my first impression of enstars!! music,, i've already been following the game and really invested in the story already. even though the concept of the original enstars! game didn't particularly interest me. i still played it and had an on-off relationship with it for a few months. *cough cough*
so when happy elements announced enstars! music, boi was i hyped,,, mainly because :

1) i'd been willing to sell my soul for a *chef's kiss* rhythm game to play at the time. so of course i was going to wait to play this.
and 2) have you heard the songs in the fandom?!! it's phenomenal. listen. even when i thought i wouldn't like a song, playing it more than 4 times will get me addicted.... so pick your poison, jk you can't. this is enstars!! we're talking about here.

but back to my point, i don't think it was a long wait? but now that it's been released and we're already half way through the 5th event of the game, i guess i should move on to reviewing the game itself.

the gameplay itself is nothing too unusual? but i'm not disappointed! what it lacks in gameplay, it makes up for it with the graphics and story!

the game looks really really beautiful, the 3d models, the backgrounds, the layouts, the illustrations, etc. the graphics really improved from the original enstars! i have absolutely 0 (zero) complaints when it comes to the graphics~

moving on to the songs available... alright, uhhh, let's just say... there's a whole lot of songs you can play in enstars!! music, and they haven't even finished adding all of the unit songs either!! there's. just. so. much. so unless all the songs in this game doesn't suit your taste or you think it can get overwhelming, i see no reason to stop playing because of the songs.

also also, you can still play even if you don't have any energy left! granted, it gives you less rewards for upgrading your cards, but you wouldn't have to worry about that if you're a casual player. (which i am not, so happy elements can just take my soul and my wallet already.)

another element of the game that is of note is the office function! to simplify, you can decorate, upgrade, do whatever you want with your office and have 3 of the boys (maximum) walk around and interact with stuff in there, just cute stuff, really.
upgrading your office also helps with idol work! you can send the boys out to do various types of fan-meets, radio shows, and commercials. just another fun thing to do so you don't get too bored and tired of clicking and not getting all perfect on that one song you've been playing for a hurdred times already!

moving on to the story!.... ah, nope! not touching any of that! it's good writing, don't get me wrong! but then again, this is enstars!! we're talking about here.


that's the end of my review, i'm so sorry this dragged on for so long, and thank you for reading ❣ please do inform me if i made any errors, i'll be sure to fix them!

note : this is the most controversial thing i'll ever say, but please give eichi a chance 🥺 this is coming from a natsume stan btw. (that moment when your favorite character's hopes and dreams got crushed by your other favorite character's actions amirite?) + (that's right i also stan nazuna ;-;)

right! i waited a little while to review this..... so here goes nothing... please pardon my excessive use of commas and bad english in general!

i've been waiting for this game's release like many others~ "i'm happy it finally came out" was my first thought. i'm glad and can still think that way~

being a lover of rhythm game, i feel the scratch notes are a cool new thing that i haven't seen in other rhythm games before, so points for that.

even though my mobile phone refuse to run this game smoothly with the original background with lyrics + special effects and will turn into mush if the character cut-ins are enabled... i had a really fun time playing even with those settings disabled, mainly because i like the music and the challenge the game offers. (i still can't get a full combo on yokohama walker hard mode because i suckkk ;-;)

but other than that, i feel hypmic arb. has fewer features than many other rhythm games, so that's a tiny bit disappointing (and can get boring a little quickly- not that i'm gonna stop playing any time soon though.)

Note : god, i mean, the gacha rates are actually good, so why is my luck so baddddddddd~~ sama-san, please come home (and become one of my men((in all caps))--- lol) thank you for putting up with all this and reading my review (●´∀`●)

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oop i can't play mini-games update : i actually reached out to customer support via the inquiry page and they informed me that it happened because my clock was not set to the jp timezone, and that it's now been fixed !
i'm not sure if it's a bug, but my tickets seem to be perpetually staying at 0 even though it's not the number that is on my " NAME & ITEM " section? it's been like this for a few days and i didn't get any new tickets, so that made me think this was a bug. anyone got any ideas?
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