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downloaded this game and play for a week and I dont know why its rated 4.7... music in this game is the anime characters singing the covers, not actual songs... covers doesnt sound that good.. and the gameplay is close to taptap revolution.. again, people just flipping out cause it's a music game with waifu.. but in reality it's a meh game lol

Summoners War: Sky Arena


played this game since launch. usually games like this I would only play for couple days and I'll delete it. but I ended up playing this game for years. created my own guild and had quite a bit of nat 5. there's lots of contents now, guild war,siege, raid, real time arena and more. this game is straight forward, not like other games where there is ten million status you can upgrade and food is farm from ten other million places. this one is just runes and skill ups. I love it, one of my main games.

Last Cloudia | Japanese


played since launch.. never crashed for me, been running smoothly.. gameplay is different from your other turn based/auto battle games like sums, heir of lights and kings raid, so it feels good to play something a little different.. game keeps me interested and makes me want to grind in the game, but games like kings raid and heir of light gets boring after a day or two.. then I forget about the game. so overall very good game, cant wait for more content in this game! also hoping there's a global verison.

playing in America, ping is around 200+ but I still really enjoyed the game! I like the anime theme/ style and the anime cross over(you get to play as your favorite anime character like deku, bakugo, all might and shiroyama from psycho mob) even though I dont get understand japanese I was still able to complete the event and get free characters and was able to play with no issue. so if you like anime plus moba, you would enjoy this as much as I did :)

Shadowverse | Global


graphics are pretty cool.. game is meh, rather play hearthstone which is very similar. if you never play hearthstone and you like anime theme more, then you may enjoy this game.

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this game looks good.. but rating and reviews are shit.. :( Read Note
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