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I'll just wait for the full release of the English ver. since my lag spike is just purely hell in itself. Cool graphics, though I might post a better review once I get the grasp of the entire gameplay by playing in global.

Dragalia Lost


Played the game at exactly a good time which is Fire Emblem's collaboration event. Very generous when it comes to rewards at this time and I even got who I hoped for, Veronica. Though this game gets eventually dragged with reviews that state trash to the gacha system and how grindy it is to get Wyrmites, I honestly think the game shouldn't be looked down upon by just that factor. The gacha isn't bad or good, it has an in-between which is forgiving. Though, your 3* unit is capable of handling the gameplay, even in harsh rounds. Rarity doesn't really mean a lot with how you manage the gameplay and your units, IMO. Nice graphics and voice acting is spot-on, same with the music. I recommend.

I've had so many spare accounts in the past but those were the times where I was heavily affected by how salty the gacha is. Game doesn't really bring the confusing storyline of the whole Fate franchise together but in its own, I feel like the game's concept is standalone. Not complaining about that, at all. Story is interesting and feels rather new than a couple of these hero-collecting gacha games, can't say it's perfect, too. Nice characters and waifus, but to get yourself your 5* waifu is pretty much a hard grind to get SQ. Cool game, would recommend to those who want to douse in a tub filled with salt and hard work.

One of the good games which I've ever played. I can say it's very F2P, especially the reward/weekly/daily freebies you get during the early game. Been playing for almost a week, but I hope it'll continue being generous if I decide to keep playing for a long time. Gacha system gives you good SRs, yet it doesn't guarantee a lot of SSRs, however you can literally collect a whole lot of SSRs by just the rewards. Gameplay is fun, a bit challenging yet I can't say it heavily relies on strategy. Costumes, however, cost a lot. I know it's not prioritized to pay for a hero's costume, but the fact that it's pricey is also because it's not merely a cosmetic, it's for buff. Voice acting is nice, has options to switch between Japanese/Korean V. A. and one of my favorite seiyuus, Yoko Hikasa, voicing Lydia, is in here lol. Music is nice and fits in well the scenarios, same with sound effects. Nice character designs and I'm starting to like the fact that the design changes during evo.



Over-all, a great game. The graphics are very good and I like how everything is uniquely interfaced and detailed. The gameplay is a bit too bland, not too unique but minimal in a good way. Characters are designed nicely, another waifu galore with some husbandos and the gacha rates are truly something to give this game a try if you've been doused in salt from other gacha games. Still, hoping for an English translation so I could make worth of the storyline, though I don't mind trying it out in Japanese [發困].

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