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I draw anime and game chracters, follow me on IG: al_drine.
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I draw anime and game chracters, follow me on IG: al_drine.
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Master of Knights


Let's review this game.

Master of Knights release a month ago by Neowiz i think this is a sequel game from their previous game.

Graphics- nothing fancy, not fully 3D, the character design is nice, but the animation movement is bad. still not affect the game.

Sound- It's nice still typical BGM and effect you expect from generic game and it has Korean VA for every characters. Japanese VA is coming soon. no english VA. but the game itself is english/korean.

Gameplay- it a mixed of strategy and real-time battle. the Adventure mode is strategy while some dungeon has real-time battle. For PvP Colosseum is Real-time battle while the Arena is strategy battle. every characters has two skills one for strategy and other is real-time. take note that some characters are good and bad in different mode. it can run 30/60fps there has no graphics settings just a high spec mode on/off. the default is 30fps while high spec is 60fps, the graphics doesn't change much but the gameplay is much smoother esp. in real-time battle.

World chat function well, so do guild chat that has guild raid and guild war (coming soon)

Storyline- i don't read much but it has interesting storyline, you been summon to their world as new "GoD" and the knights is your vanguards. anyway, every characters has a storyline you need to finish as well, like sub story that give also a little reward every progress.

Value- It's not that good and bad just average but it's great time killer since it has Idle box rewards also. the gacha rate kinda low and bundle set is expensive esp. costume. it's not wise to spend but some few bucks starter is nice. it has no VIP (thankfully) no stamina, you nust progress if you can or stuck and wait for power ups.

if you have any question regarding the game i can answer in comment section.

Diablo Immortal | Global


it takes years before they officially launch this game, the hype is already dead and i say SEA servers always come late when releasing.

anyway, the game is quite nice but it's quite different from original diablo game, first, they remove the stats allocation which is the most important and fun part of building your characters, they is no skill tree to follow.

the skill will unlock and rank up everytime your level increase, equipping legendary weapon change the effect of certain skills, that would kill the trademark of original gameplay of diablo.

To be fair there is no VIP thing here, but lots of bundle, battle pass to purchase if you want to heads up some upgrades etc. overall it still depend on Combat Power (CP) still you can build set of certain stats that equipments given, which is also random when you loot. (probably you know that).

it has no stamina/energy nor Auto attack which i think is nice because surely that all player you interact are playing, those people complaining having No auto attack option, they not forcing you to play, instead go play Idle game or any other mmorpg that function everything with auto.

still has auto navigate quest but not all the time, still battle requires 100% player controls, when you see players run around they not AFK.

there are tons to do and you can join warbands/Guild also to do some dungeon runs, pvp etc. , there are few minor bugs i encounter, the most annoying is character freezing suddenly. you need to force close or died in the field if outside safe zone.

you can enjoy this game being f2p, you just need to invest playing and time, like i said there is no Auto attack to do round grinding/leveling. this is also a crossplatform game.

the performance of this game in my device is smooth yet set in medium graphics only, effects/shadow etc is low. that was the default setting anyway, fps is 30 and i am using Poco x3 (not pro) it drain battery fast but not overheating. storage file is around 15-16gb overall.

the content will download as you play, no worries downloading all at once like genshin impact.

it has lots of server, once your in different server you can't join warbands/guild of other server therefore, you can add them as friend in battlenet ID.



one of the best ported game in mobile even the game release few years ago in original platform. gold never old.

GRAPHICS- top notch and fully 3D, the game is originally release in ps3 but now it still available to play in ps4 and Nintendo Switch.

SOUND- If you are a fan of DQ series then there is nothing new but that's what DQ unique, they stick to their original sound effects and BGM.

GAMEPLAY- If you are farmilliar with Minecraft then you have a hint how things work, yet this is a RPG building game, there is more than building and explore. you lose track of time, mining, crafting, building and exploring for hours. , sadly this game is single player only and cannot be played multiplayer, the only thing you can bridge with other players is the sharing of what you build. if you are looking for co-op DQB then try DQB2 yet it's not available in mobile for now. (hopefully they also port that)

STORYLINE- you have awaken for a long slumber in the dungeon, a voice of the so call goddess talk to you and guide you (including tutorials). now, the people has lost being creative or crafty, only you has the ability to craft and build. the story goes on when you travel and help those villagers rebuild their homes, defeat monster that terror the land, look for villagers to save and invite them to rejoin the community. i don't want to spoil deeper, the story is quite interesting also.

VALUE- As for me, this game never get old because you can build and try new many things, i haven't finish the game yet but it sure fun even for a single player game. imagine playing it on your mobile if you don't own any platform like PS and nintendo. this game worth your money or look for free download APK. they alright and working.

Graphics- it's Ghibli theme Mmorpg with a story twist, it like SAO thing called "Soul dive" i say i am not interested in such story anymore i rather have unique story. for graphics it's nice and the color is lively and bright you can say it has closer graphics in Genshin Impact. just close but didn't say similar.

Sound- as for sound it's okay but i usually low the volume because i only heard the battle scream at skill effects than actual BGM.

GAMEPLAY- Nothing new about this game if you are familliar with MMORPG, Auto Battle, Offline Battle (Ai mode) which give you max 4hrs free offline battle everyday and you can purchase another 1hr for 50 gems so on. max 10 purchase per day. but i tell ya gems are really gems you can't loot them, you can only obtain it in story quest reward or some weekly quest, i would not recommend using gems pulling in gacha because the rate are pretty bad. jist use the free tickets they give. and if you are f2p focus on 3* equips, not 2* it has no bonus attributes even tier up.

what else, there are plenty of things to do everyday such as field boss/ world boss like 4 times a day appearance but the main problem here is the que or players, before you can login you have to wait like 10-15mins if pending players has 500-1000 in line imagine when you logout you have to wait again that long. you can't even play in your free time because of that, even it has lots of server, overflowing servers never fix, i suspect because it has PC version that can crossplat in mobile which others play like 4-5 accounts, you know this game become NFT sooner or later. they farming territe. character customization is limited you can only choose to 5 characters with specific class so it will be gender lock also, still you can use them alternately with equip sharing also/inventory, no stats to distribute but has some unlockable grid of attributes and skill set to choose (if you buy them first). so many things to discuss but i leave the rest to you if you are gonna try this game.

STORYLINE- as i mention earlier it involved Soul dive the other players think it's a game but it's actual fantasy world. they soul link in that world. if you are familliar with SAO you have a slightest hint where it going.

VALUE- F2P and P2W has a huge gap since this is a CP based mmorpg. you can't grind for level nor get strong logging 24/7. sure it has no stamina but without the pots for increasing drop rate, it just a waste of time unless you are playing using emulators/PC. Gacha is pretty bad rate, those 3* you can get in gacha can be obtain also in crafting weapons and armors. i suggest you save the gems for pots (increasing xp/drop rate) only.

i think this game is not good nor bad just right if you are looking for decent mmorpg, it just has lots of servers and always adding new server every week, be sure to ask your friend first before creating it cannot transfer progress to another server. you have to create each server.

Graphics: nothing fancy, same with other Idle games, the battle kinda plain but passable since it's waifus and tons of lolis as well.

Sound: er typical rpg sound, plain and simple

Gameplay: Just raise and battle your girls and lolis. good time killer, there are stuff that qooapp can show than google play cannot.

Storyline: no story line just go for glory!

Value: i think this is safe, FBI free. will occupy your waifu needs and (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

Game can run smooth even in potato phone, setting are just for sound and language, after tutorial you can change there to english. just click your profile icon above.

MGCM Magical Girls


MGCM at first i was skeptical but it turn out to be good, lets review this one based on my experience playing it.

Graphics: if you play Persona series well this one has vibe of it, the graphics is a bit colorful and yea great from title screen to home screen, Ui and battle, but the skills is a bit dull and plain still forgivable. i love the graphics of this one.

Sound: The sound is good very lively and energetic. in title screen there is a metal song that hype you up, in battle the sound is also song but kind of repeative still i find it different than other RPG.

Gameplay: The battle is turn based system, you can use 4 magical girls in line up equip with different cards to strengthen their stats, also a runes. you can upgrade their dress to strengthen them, too bad they didn't level up every battle instead the bonding of each characters you use is increased and unlock more story and rewards.

The Gacha system is okay for me, i got 3 UR in summon and there are also free UR character in event, in story mode you get bunch of SR. to promote the rarity you need duplicate of the same card, skills can also upgrade which you need a magical stones than can acquired in daily dungeons, same with material to level up cards/dress and currencies. the protagonist can be also upgrade later in the game as you progress in story mode.

There is Story, Daily dungeon, Event story, Arena and guild. the game has also a world chat and guild chat that can interract with other players easily.

If you're wonder if the battle is repeative, yes, especially when grinding materials but fear no more, there is a skip battle button to save the day. you just need to first clear them.

for newbies there are lots of freebies in pre reg and new comer login rewards as well the events on going. there is no reroll summon by the way. it luck or never.

Storyline: The summary of the story is you been summon by a strange girl called kamisaman and ask to to help her fight demons, the protagonist use computer to communicate with the girls in different world but in a form of a round fluffy cat called omnis, you help chosen girls to transform them to be magical girl to fight demons.

Beside Main story, there is a character story to unlock as you increase their bond to you (when you use them in battle as experience points). Event story etc.

Value: If you're a fan of magical girls kind of anime, this one suits for you. if you love RPG turn based game and waifu materials give this a try. sadly the protagonist is default male. it's more like harem. this will keep you occupy by hour.

Additonal info: The game file is more than 3.7gb as you progress the story there is a small download for voice and stuff. but small enough like 1-5mb only.

Mid range gaming phone can run the game smooth, no lags or frame drop. still it default to medium setting only. still can be put to high graphics but consume more battery, not sure if lag. still default setting is good enough.

I am using POCO X3 NFT, no battery heating for a long play. Have fun and keep safe this pandemic.



i been playing their game since Cytus so on..
i finish Deemo and the game is really nice even the story line, i never doubt Deemo II and it's alredy good when you can actually explore too, it doesn't feel mobile game at all.

calibration seem okay, no problem so far, it just their in app purchase is a bit expensive, but they give some freebies and reward but no enough to buy some songs in early game.

it's a great time killer, it just have a energy thing so you can't play straight, repleshing energy takes time too unless you use some item, other than that you can do some event mission which need event ticket, separated from actual energy.

Overall Graphics, sound, gameplay, storyline amd value is quite nice, A game that worth keeping and playing for a long run.

Game File: 3gb+ (include in-game patch)
Device such Poco X3 can run the game no problem but my setting is normal only, not high because it not recommended, maybe it lag or drain battery fast. but still it doesn't affect or make any difference.

Kurumi Diary


Graphics- i say it's top notch, the details and interaction of things to decoration and stuff. kurumi is cute too lol. i just wish this is safe to play and keep FBI away.

Sound- there are plenty of language available and audio but i think Japanese is the best and original way to enjoy. it just the english translation is bad that sometimes i don't understand what kurumi say or the notes. but i think it's not that bad for a new game to be supported by english already.

Gameplay- As you progress you unlock more interactions and stuffs. Kurumi schedule is based on your real time clock, there are tons of things to do and some events. be sure to check often, Kurumi has a stats also which improved over time when she do some activities, or in app purchase items whichni find it more cheaper than other games. i just hope it stay that way.

Storyline- she is your childhood friend and living in the same roof with you. as you progress, you become closer to her and unlock more features. finishing story and events unlock stats to improved Kurumi attributes to succesfully finish some task and story etc.

Value- i think this is a way to keep you busy and less lonely when you feel bored or alone. as day pass you want to keep checking on her and raise her intimacy.
it's a perfect time killer, simple and relaxing.

just like other said it can run on lower end device but running on recommended or max setting is more enjoyable and pleasing to the eyes.

file storage 1gb+ available to download in Playstore.
(i am using Xiaomi Poco X3 and i can play max settings without problem, game smooth, no force close.)

Figure Fantasy | English


Graphics is well design even the title screen to home screen, characters design and battle system (real time battle 5 line up).

Sound- background music is nice, the VA is either English or Japanese to choose from based on your prefer.

Gameplay- Nothing new beside there are figures, like toy story running across city fighting fellow figures, toys and Cats 😿

tutorials is helpful and skip if you know already how things going, ui is easy to navigate, such as shortcuts etc. there are plenty of things to do. but repeative means get bored but that's rpg for you.

Gacha rate seem fair but i got few SR only. still lots of freebies and code giveaways. i don't know about late game but i think it's f2p friendly.

Value- 4/5 for me, At first i was skeptical but after giving it a try, it's not so bad rather it's enjoyable and great time killer. Storage including patch 3.55gb.

Mid spec device like POCO X3 can run with high/HD settings but not ultra.



Graphics - It's good enough even skill animations are nice, batte system is turn based but it still depend on character speed, similar to Epic seven but much more 3D gameplay. characters design is nice but less heroes to play compare to other. (maybe because it still new and progressing)

Sound- repeative voice but you get use to it, background music is okay also.

Gameplay- Similar gameplay to Epic Seven but in 3D graphics since it has similar mechanic also. it has daily dungeons as well for materials to grind, sweep stages etc. sadly, some story has no skip button you need to deal with and no fast battle like x2 or x3 but it has auto move and battle for lazy/busy players.

Storyline- Well it is isekai theme RPG. the protagonist is using shield as weapon. you can feel the vibe of shield hero in it.

Value- Nothing new, still has potential but lacking some spark. but for those looking for new rpg game this one worth a shot and support the developers continue to improve the game. so far i don"t encounter a bug.

the total space including game patch are 3gb total.

Tutorial is long and boring if you are familliar playing Battle Royale game like CF, CODm and PUBG etc. but there are new option and features like Magic and Summon beside sword and guns and characters skill class.

The Graphics is not that bad, you can feel the Final fantasy vibes already, you can visit Shinra and even the chruch in FF7 since it's FF7 BR. haha silly me.

Controls and ui is my problem here, haven't try if you can customize the ui based on your liking but i say the button for firing, dash, reload, sword is small and scatter in screen or i'm just not familliar in new ui controls, magic and summon is separated near firing button, it is in the center and who knows you have time to click them during fire fight, it's easy when you can press all in left or right screen where it can easily reach by your finger but it is in the center seriously. but like i say i haven't try if i can customize the ui controls yet..

because everytime i play it stuck on loading screen or freezing the screen. i don't have time to explore that much cause of that beside playing the tutorials including the actual BR.

Gameplay is nice but the lag and delay issue is killing the fun i think my phone can handle the game. (I'm using Poco X3 btw) the Map indicator is inaccurate also. when you attack something like character or monster it's hard to aim or hit something even using sword because the camera rotation is not moving fast to see your target.

FPP is not yet supported but hopefully they add that feature as well because i know, some players prefer FPP than 3rd person.

I know i say a lots of negative things but i didn't say the game is bad itself, there are still many problems, bug and glitch need to be fix. but please do understand that the game is still new, let's just hope they continue to improve the game and not to be greedy. haha SE seem kinda like that.

as for the size of the game it's more than 4gb+ including the patch inside the game.

Ragnarok Origin | English


It takes a year to have a complete and official English ROO. finally but i hope they release SEA server soon too.

Soo this is US/EU server? but i can play without VPN here in Asia, not quite sure. still my hopes are up to play this with my friends soon.

i played the kor version and i say this is one of the closest RO ported in mobile. i just hope they don't mess it earlier like ROM devs did.

Blue Archive | Global


My rating is between good and bad.
all characters are cute and they become chibis in battle, cafe etc. , one thing i notice is first roll gives you 3* like hey rate aren't that bad then next few rolls gives you 1-2* like wtf and promoting characters takes many shards.
Gacha rates is really really low. prepare for the worst.

the battle is auto, they move automatically wheever they want, skills is the only thing you can aim at. even focusing target first doesn"t exist. there is auto battle for those lazy manual skillers, fast battle up to x3 speed and sweep for instant clearing when you already 3* the stage only.

what else Ui seem nice but i notice there so much loading happening in game. it takes like 3-5 sec. (not sure if my phone but i already using poco x3) graphics and max frame rate can handle yet loading is my problem. everytime i go there is loading loading screen.. [暈]

It's not that bad or good either, everyone talking how bout nexon handling the game, hopefully they don't mess it up sooner. i want to give it higher rating but the value and life span of this game might die soon.

there is no chat screen, the game is really quite for time being, just have to unlock Club to interact with others (maybe). there is no add friend too. basically it's like single story game most of the time. i haven't play japamese version i might wrong.

best try and see it for yourself before judging too. not all people sees it the same way. 👍[微笑]

Overall it's great, the battle system is turn based but i like how mechanic works. the gacha seem fair i got 3 5* as starter in roll like wow. it's a good headstart and makes player keep on going.

but it seem the game requirements are a bit high, i'm using Poco X3 but the game is lagging esp in battle, or it just game problem since it's still new.

now i'm encountering a problem after playing for a short time after release. it say unexpected error when logging in. anyone experiencing the same problem or just emergency maintenance?.



if i complain something that would be the hackers and bots. yeah, too many bots mining for DS and they just pop up beside you, attack you and take the mining. the most annoying part is it happen 20-50 times continously. it's a never ending cycle of killing bots and devs can't fix the problem, yeah sure ban those account but days after they just create more bot accounts. the economy of Draco is bad, exchange rate is down.

the game is fine with be, bully can't be helped since it's a open PK in some areas. nature of humans show there. i suggest lvl40+ with PS score of 40k+ since bots usually lvl40 with only PS 23k. (if you are planning to mine for Darksteel) i hope devs can do something about bots, i feel like bots are more than actual players in each server. makes it crowded in some areas.

Pokemon Unite


Been waiting for this to release in mobile since i don't have a Nintendo Switch, for those who want smooth gameplay without overheating your device, i advice putting to low graphics but max frame rate. the graphics is not that bad when turn to low atleast the movement is smooth, still it depend on your connection as well.

they are few Pokemons to choose from now, but i hope they release sooner since it been like 600+ species now. maybe focus on popular one like first gen, 2nd gen etc. anyway i'm just curious if type of pokemon affect the Damage and resistance when you attack them?

i think some Pokemon are OP and not well balance, that why i seeing alot using same meta, still this is different than your known MOBA, even you level up and learned powerful attack, teamwork and strategy is still needed you cannot take all of them at once. be advise NOT to be greedy or chase something. most importantly is your team gained score.

Pokemon Unite is still new and i think devs are working on it and i'm looking for more features to be add also Pokemons. i wish they add 3 lines as well.

just the controls are bit hard they should add more option like adjusting the size of button etc.

We all love Konosuba but not this one, it's not that bad but here are some good & bad i notice about the game.
GRAPHICS- it's chibi form is cute and if you play Danmachi game it is similar in graphics, also in gameplay there is no new about this.
SOUND- The repeative voice can be annoying while in thr battle. i think if you play long enough, every loading you heard "Konosuba" but it okay i like it same goes for anime.
GAMEPLAY- like i mention before this game is similar to Danmachi, prepare fot repeative dungeon run for materials for equipment/char promotion. (there is skip ticket but once you run out, you have do to the hard way). the battle system is kind of real time (if you play Final fantasy with gauge attack system) you know what i'm talking about.
if you want to strengten the character skills, you need another duplicate of a same card, same rarity. and i tell you the gacha rate is really bad esp. pulling a 4* chars. yet they give reasonable freebies for f2p and just want to enjoy the game.
Lastly, you cannot add friends here, there is no hope for co-op or to be able to battle some other players, Arena is competiting other players by points only who made higher damage in bosses x3 a day and tally by the end of week for reward. this is basically like solo game that cannot interact with other players. makes this game boring in a long run.
STORYLINE- yea if you want the Anime it is similar and some add-ons story that don't have in anime. i guess you will be spoiled somehow. for those who know the storyline just skip it and focus on battle and grinding.
VALUE- As i mention above the game is basically solo game with no guild feature to interact with other players nor arena to battle them. the game is really repeative and quite boring. still if you really love konosuba and prefer to play solo. i guess this is worth you time.

Overall i think this is a bad game for a good anime title. such waste.

i hope people use this instead of st*pid messenger now. i love huge variety of stickers here, clear voice chat, can add many channels, home for gaming news that easy to share and use. [厲害]

more on auto battle and has no CT means emulators master race. this is more likely a idle game mmo and dungeon hunting feature than field hunt. graphics is nice but one of a downside has many server and sub server which keep more people/friends separate from playing together unless someone has to give up and create from a scratch again. i just don't understard why MVP has 3 types of card drop here, only gen X has that i don't think they follow the originally the RO still new content is nice once in a while but i totally disagree about this one.

it's not bad or good but better try it for yourself.



it's a good time killer, can be heavy grind esp. currency because you need to balance your team 1 and 2 levels for several missions. some side quest, events you need to deploy soldiers and merch as well. everything is being use for deployment even those not so bright units. i think this is a decent game make you think strategy as well and build a balance team for every situation.

gacha is not that bad and rewards are generous it's up to you how you spend it wisely for upgrades etc.

some in app purchase is not being overprice and thankfully there is no VIP system for those heavy spender.
(i guess?) still this is pretty f2p friendly as well.

has lots of things to do but everything is for upgrading ships and counters etc. that's why it is heavy grind game. you can auto repeat if you want btw.

but you know first thing i see waifus and bewbs i know this is the game worth playing for, worry not there is husbando as well for you ladies. 😏

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