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The fruit bore from a honkai seed fertilized with arknights. the end of the day, it doesn't disappoint.

Let's start things off with the decent parts of this game. Undeniably the best feature of this game is the whopping fluid 120 frame rates, it's helluva impressive, Everything is smooth, fast and natural, controls of a character feels extremely responsive thanks to this impressive frame rate. (to be frank I'm fumbling for words to describe the excruciating 3D ARPG experience). Another interesting bit of this game is its combat system, it's not your traditional MOBA or honkai attack+skills layout. In this game there's random attack patterns lining up atop your attack button to tap and chain combo with. It's pretty neat I guess. The 3D combat itself operates on the concept of minimalism, and to be honest, it turned out to be glossy and gorgeous.

There's the graphics and animation departments where this game inherited from arknights. In the main screen you're immediately greeted with an arknights-ish UI layout. Same goes to the characters, they're designed with the philosophy of having a little to none fanservice. Speaking of characters, their 3d models don't look sloppy (unlike VGame) and their animations are impressive. As for story, it follows closely to arknights plot formula: you are the commander of an elite squad gray raven tasked with the mission to investigate and exterminate infected. Except this time humans have already settled on a space colony 'sky garden' while the ravaged earth is covered with infected machines and men who are evolving with the virus. Similar edgy, dark and gritty settings.

As for the game itself, it suffers from the grind issue present in honkai, but amplified. Endgame is mostly just grinding simulator which can be excused by a more engaging gameplay. There's equipment system with 6 stigmata slots and you have to either gacha or grind for those. As for the gacha part...its very shady which is manipulated by the equally shady developers.

A big slap across the face would be Kuro games themselves, these incompetent guys are responsible for a godawful and disastrous launch of this game. Throughout its operation these guys generated a lot of controversies such as manipulated gacha rates. Which left me to wonder, has these developers not done proper research on methods to handle a game? When you wrongly issued 10k gacha tickets upon launch, instead of rolling them back and penalize players who had used them, why didn't they opt for destiny child's way? That would be a win-win situations for both sides.

Overall, after this wall of long text that hopefully covered the aspects of this game, I came to my final verdict, this game has potential and needs more polish, it's core gameplay and graphics coupled with the impressive 120 fps are very solid foundation for its future that can rival honkai, and honkai needs a competitor. (the presence of this game actually prompted honkai to grant a free S rank valks). The most important determining factor however would be the devs of this game. Either kuro crew get their sh*t together and adopt proper management or they get a seasoned publisher like yostar to run this game.

Color me surprised, I honestly did not expect to see this up and running again.

This is the previous instalment of FGO's line of parody spin-offs that debuted in 2017 and blossomed for a few days only to be never seen again...just to be brought into existence and released alongside FGO MyCraft to celebrate April fools.

With that being said, this game is basically a watered-down pokemon GO. You catch servants with quartz (more precisely, throw) and amass your collection. However, the major flaw would be the uninteractive gameplay. You just point your camera towards the servant in an AR environment and hurl quartz at them, which can get boring after a while.

For graphics, servants are represented in their unique chibi form with a dash of Riyo's flair, coupled with a simple and clean UI.

Overall, it's a decent side game. Though not as engaging compared to its latest instalment.

Alright, after a long slumber, guess it's time to get back to business starting with a spin-off of the massively popular mobile juggernaut.

The latest entry to FGO's April Fools lineup of gag spinoffs, it served its intended purpose of providing entertainment in a simple yet refreshing manner. Gameplay is basically a modified angry birds set in a "real world" background through the camera lens of your phone. With that aside, the game is very well-built and optimized despite being an "April fools joke"

However, this game serves as a grim mockery to the main games which are notorious for being poorly optimized (with NA still running on a dated potato game engine). It's as if DW invested more profits and effort into making spinoffs instead of improving their main games and making them worthy as a 4 billion dollar game.

Overall, if this wasn't a time-limited spinoff, it'll be an excellent side game to kill time.



This game does not disappoint when it comes to delivering gothic vibes.

Priding itself with gorgeously designed character models. This game comes packed with a rather complex equipment and stats elements (which means unlimited theory crafting).

However, this game mostly revolves around grinding for optimal gears (in omens) to build your heroes which is the same type of content you see in kings raid. Heck, gameplay-wise, it's just like Kings raid, characters perform basic attacks automatically while you tap on their skills in sequence. It's a hit or miss.

Story wise, it's just...rather cookie cutter. You summon servants to fight off monsters tainted by the dark blood (basically evil goons) and this one interesting character, Enoch knight. Occasionally there are some great conversations between the characters ( Enoch in particular).

Lastly we have the gacha, oh boy, no 4 star guarantee and low rates compromised with frequent premium currency giveaway and anything below are fodders.

EDIT: Just recently, Gamevil experienced a "short-curcuit" and dropped a devastating P2W nuke in its servers. Oh well...

The Battle Cats | English


A light-hearted comedic game based on cats, what could possibly go wrong?

That aside. This is a fantastic and highly enjoyable single-player game ladden in a cute, comic-esque art style with a straightforward, simple gameplay. You slowly build up money to deploy the right cats against different kind of enemies the opponent throw out and ultimately win by destroying their base. Treat it as a 2D side scrolling tower defense game.

Battle cats has a massive roster of unique characters to pick from, ranging from your doodle cats to doodle anime characters.

This game is a massive enthusiast for collabs. With notable ones including Evangelion, madoka, Fate heaven feel etc.

Also there's one important thing...Battle cats is entirely single player. Cheers.

Super Mecha Champions


Fun, engaging battle royale game with fresh and creative take on the battle Royale genre with imbuement of mecha gameplay and anime aesthetics. However, it's performance is much left to be desired as it performs extremely poorly on low end devices. Worth noting that characters require real cash to purchase and some of the better robots aren't made available at the start and requires you to collect alpha coins for a significant amount of time to buy them.

Summary of this game: It's azur lane but with mecha girls instead of shipgirls that gives players liberty to parts customization.Nuff' said.

Sangoku Taisen Smash!


A half-baked game that does a pretty good job at selling scantily-clad waifus with curvy bodies and assets.

Gameplay-wise, it's like hyper heroes, a slingshot style game. However, what makes this game different than hyper heroes is this game isn't ruined by a $1500 paywall as seen in hyper heroes. It's pretty fun considering there are special tiles or obstacles to avoid while collision with ally will trigger many touhou projectiles flying in all directions, which you can use to your advantage.

Story-wise, it's based on the history of ancient China. Featuring watered down enemies modeled after historical figures that just shout lines about beating you only to die off or retreat a few seconds later.

My biggest gripe will be its half-assed translations. At the start of the game you're given the choice to play in either Japanese or traditional Chinese. I kid you not, some of the dialogues and info are still in Japanese! It is a totally chaotic mess.

Brown Dust | Global


Apart from the gorgeously consistent character artstyle unique gameplay and excellent QoL. This game just offers the usual hackneyed stuff you see in many other gacha games (world boss, guild raid, tower etc).

As for gameplay, it's a fresh take in turn based strategy. However, your tactics are only limited to the way you arrange your units in grids. After the battle commenced, you're basically a sitting duck as the battle takes place on its own.

Story tried. You play the role of a hent...err mercenary captain chick magnet who seeks truth regarding his rebellious father, Fabian. It falls into those overused harem trope and it's just bland.

Worth noting this game excels at offering tons of QoL features such as off-screen repeat grinds. On top of that, it has a novice arena that bans the usage of 4 star and above units, which itself is a pretty healthy take on the arena PvP format and should be followed suit by other gacha.

King's Raid


The hollow shadow of its former glory. This game, while remain superior in terms of graphics and character designs, has seen massive decline throughout the years and spawned numerous problems such as the infamous bugfest (unknown error, plagued the game for a few months until it got fixed recently).

Make no mistake, this game is very visually appealing and is renowned for its non-gacha method of acquisition of heroes (they are even purchasable with in-game premium currency) known as 'inn recruitment'. However, there is an equipment gacha and weapon dupes are necessary to ascend heroes' unique weapons in order for them to shine in Pvp as well as World boss ranking etc. The punch in the gut would be the rng gear ascension that basically wastes your hardly earned unique weapon should it failed.

However, the main issue of this game lies within the makers of it. who had time and again turned a cold shoulder over the playerbase and commited various pro-P2w decisions.

Extraordinarily magnanimous graphics that gives honkai impact a run for their money.

Truly the epitome of gacha games. It is the almagation of all positive aspects of a gacha game - Compelling storyline with dark gritty elements and a post-apocalyptic setting, generous gacha currency gain, decent BGM soundtracks as well as simplistic yet magninamous graphics and most importantly, this game is single player oriented. Monetization model is same as its cousin shipfu collector azur lane - monetization through cosmetic gacha.

Gameplay itself is turn-based chess style where you, a greenhorn griffin commander dishes out commands to your echelons (a team of 5 gungirls) to claim nodes and command post while fighting against the villainous sangvis ferris. It's a hit or miss but if you like turn based strategy games, chances are you'll like it.

All in all, it's a gem among the torrent of gacha games flooding in the market.

Looks pleasing visually but plagued with a lot of glaring issues.

Let's start off the review first by addressing the elephant in the room, this game has a horrible performance and runs on an extremely low fps when things got just a little bit intense, in short, it is unplayable due to the amount of lags even on a high-end device like my Huawei P30 pro.

Secondly, this game drains battery at a rapid rate in exchange of providing superb quality graphics. Though it is frustrating that the gameplay is still laggy despite the large battery consumption.

Moving on with its story, it follows the plot formula seen used in Gundam build fighters (particularly BFT) with a minor tweak. You play as the protagonist who randomly got thrown into gunpla battle arena featuring characters that pay homage to the gbf series.

Gacha here is the main way for the player to acquire gundam parts. Although rates are somewhat good (5% for purple), here's the catch. 10 pulls DOES NOT guarantee you a purple part

Azur Lane | English


A pocket digital museum filled to the brim with a vast array of ship waifus.
It is a game with high production value in terms of visual department featuring one of the most generous gacha in the industry, but falls short on some aspects like storyline and gameplay.

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