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whooo yoooo i never knew that you could play this amazing game for free. its gameplay is super goood and it's fully voiced[開心][開心][開心] umu this is a game that i would like to introduce to every one hehehe [微笑]

Genshin Impact


this is one of the best mobile games that i ever played and the second game that had exceeded my expectations first is Honkai impact 3 [開心]. MIHO knows what they are doing 😋

This is my honest review after playing this game for half of a year. This game is the best idol game i ever played also the best rethyem game. but i hope in the future updates this game graphics get more improve also the mv video can use the special appel.this game story lie is also great and i hard this gets an anime adoption in that i hope they show the producer he has a voice i cant read Japanese but i not what is says so i hope also in the game we got to use the producer an voice so dont need to translate and read what he says

this one of the best game i ever played. the game is fully voiced , story is hellla epic , gecha rates is very good , some even story is also link to main story , have more then 150 characters , have a hhella epic radio program pri connect its extremely fun to listen. i recommend it every
pri conne fan , the anniversary live streaming is extremely fun to watch also exciting.. well i forgot to write an rewire of the game.... so i have now written it.. [微笑]

This is the one of the best anime that got an game i watched the anime S1, S1/2 of this and iits great. For more stories i started playing this game and while playing this got S2 and it has secret stories that happens in the S2 that didn't showed in the anime which tells story more detailed. Also i got know lots of characters there story and adventures that didn't say much in the anime. Also for this game its very good all the event and story is voiced and gotcha rates is very generous also it is grantees in ones in every 2 pulls up to 3 or 4 times.also game play is great. this is one of the best fully voiced games. i also recommend playing this game for all that they like anime [開心](^w^)

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nunnnn..... some help after the latest update i can't seem to play the game it won't move from here its like forever loading ..  Read Note
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