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Kemono Friends:Kingdom


game is pretty solid it is t anything new for a story at forst but then does get you wondering later on. looks good plays well enough . has some mechanics that seem unnecessary but it isnt a game killer

Echocalypse | SEA


it's interesting, waifu everywhere. kinda like others though. the story is good. its a fun gane with depth and its not boring. i recommend it over others of its kind.

Demian Saga


thi game is really good . the work is showing

i really liked where they went with this game

Long Nose Dog


didnt think would be this fun



from what this was back when I used to play it got better over time

a really great game quality graphics sound viice acting gameplay and presentation just wish i knew how to activate skills.

Path to Nowhere


its pretty solid . definitely worth the play time. looks good and sound good too. i was surprised

Dynasty Origins: Pioneer


what the heck is this game. so it has a lot of anime cut scenes whixh is cool and looks good. it has a bizare intro which i think si understand but kinda unnecessary the music is generic. the fights are pretty smooth. the dialogue is really really bad. like i guess the characters are real world gaming chads and just talk as if they were doing a parody of how ganers talk. noob leet mobs and like and subscribe i heard way too much. which was once .it doesnt seem to be getting better. im not sure how much more i can olay of this game but i only recommend it if you want to laugh and how odd it is



so as far as i can tell the game is amazing but doesnt have english support so i cant scrore it on something i dont understan . but the rest i can scoree it on and its good

game is fun and the graphics are top notch. music is good i just wish the story was a bit less filler at times. solid game that the devs worked on for a while and didn't rush it to completion

a improved version so far but i can't find the English localization. having played the prior version I know what to do so that's good

Final Gear | Global


so this is a nice direction for games. there is no cap to missions that can be done and the ability to control your units and make a impact gives it a none gacha feel. the art is cool except the battle art. i am not a huge chibi fan. the music is catchy. the game is fair in gacha and the story is decent. as a whole its really fun and has lots of variety. it reminds me sort of like a modern day azure lane with front mission lite customizations. maybe are are one step closer to a solid gundam game or such

Figure Fantasy | English


finally. i cant wait love this game



a gane with cats in it has to be good. right? RIGHT? anyway it is good. cute art. cute music. just wish it had a bit kore depth into the tutorial. i feel like i am missing something.

like msl but more anime

Final Fate TD | Global


it's a nice change of pace

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