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Bravely Archive


I tried to play this game. But, there's bugs in the game. And it was network error. Thats not right.

I tried to sign up in the game however its hard to read in Chinese language. Can anyone tell me what was the second window from the sign up

i like this game and herrismon is so cute. besides i always like digimon so much ever since what happened to digimon linkz i missed that game ever since in 2019.

well i do like the game but there ia problems with it such as when you on your mission you got exited out on your phone.

Time Reverse | Korean


its an awsome game and miss this game long time. and now i found it in here. thanks qoo app. for bring it here and i missed it so much.

its a good game.

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a bug I knew it there's no other doubt. its a bug. there's a bug in your game. i sugges that need is a bugfix. When I tried to play it. It send me back to home immediatly and when i open the game again and when i open another app. the game here closes automatically. Hey aniplex, are you sure the game i reading here in english is fun when there's a bug on it. trust me its not. I do want to play this game i do but when that bug shows and you forgot to fix it. Then this game truly dissapointed. I bet the japanese version doesn't have bugs unlike this english version here.
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