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Demigod Engine


can't start the game

boobies 5/5

everything else shit.
this game heat up my phone like playing genshin impact. and I can go bdm full graphics just fine. wtf yo

shitty game with shitty language. what a fcking joke. They don't allow us to change language at all. Usual stuff by shitty publisher Garena

Girl Cafe Gun | Japanese


a VPN game, fck that!

game is great but need grinding. no need to pay, easy to farm gem daily as long as you have the patience. This game never meant for us to have full S team from the start.

Add me for Weekly Quest : 143,222,306
active serious player only. Thanks.

Pokémon Masters EX


for kid and child like minded only. What a joke.

Stella Maiden | English


lack of ads, needs more player and feature

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sigh when the game is only focused on gacha and hot girls.
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