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I like games and I grind not p2w.
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I like games and I grind not p2w.
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Grand Summoners | Global


The game is good but just like any other game it becomes too grindy. You need 50 gems to do a single multi and you get 1 for every story in a chapter if they have it. You also need to complete 3 missions to get the gems.

This game is good but it ends up becoming too grindy. Have to level up characters make equipment and upgrade them to get better EP which is the total character power, and you only get 5 gems if all missions are completed for every story.

Its fun because you have to choose which charaters are best while thinking about cost, level, def, and attack. You also have a chance of getting lr but you gotta grind for awakening crsytals.

The characters are cool just game sometimes stops and you lose trophy

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