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I don't even know why did I download it, but gotta say: I really enjoy it, it's calming and exciting when you get something new. ┐( ∵ )┌

I'm not fan of this whole SAO universe, but I tried out this game, because this whole turn-based strategy mmo seemed to be fun, and IT ACTUALLY IS.

I usually feel a bit cautious with games that have gacha system,because in most cases they're not that fair. BUT this game was a pleasant disappointment, with offering you the first 11x scout as free (in most cases), and it's pretty fair actually.

•Love the story
•The combat system is easy to learn, and fun
•It's exciting to get new characters
•There are new events frequently

to sum up: I recommend this game to everyone who like this kind of game genre and the fans of this series. (•ө•)♡

Dragon Raja | Global


I had high hopes for this game and daaamn I JUST LOVED IT!
It's true that i probably won't stick around for too long, but that's my fault.
I recommend this for those, who love a really complex , open world mmo game.
•The storyline is kinda average, but totally enjoyable
•Love the graphics, sure they'll improve a lot with time
•Easy to use and awesome looking combat style

to sum up: It really does worth playing it, give it a try!

Pocket World 3D


The most calming game I've evet played in my life.
The pictures and the music in the background really fit together. I recommend this game to those who sometimes need some time to forget about everything. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Tera M


To tell you the truth, I really have a love-hate relationship with this game.
I love it because it's almost perfect,and that's exactly the reason wha I hate it.
There's no reason to not play it, you really gonna love it, that's for sure! (✿^‿^)

Darkness Rises | Global


I gotta say, this was one of my favourite mmo games.
Usually mmo games don't have such interesting story that would make me this excited, but this one is an exception.
The storyline is one of the best things and I honestly just love the gameplay. It's not hard to use any of the characters, and the combat style is just a real snack for our eyes (in my opinion).
Long story short, PLAY THIS GAME. \(^o^)/

AFK Arena | Global


It's really enjoyable when you need to spend your time.
Easy to use, there's nothing really life-changing about it, still I gotta say it worth playing.
(and it's sooo exciting to collect new characters)



I really enjoyed it!
i had it on my phone for months, it's my fault that i deleted it.😂
•the gacha rate is fair
•the game itself is easy to use
•its not pay-to-win
•you dont need to play the whole day to get everything you want
•lots of lovable events
and the most important....

i'm an 18 year old gurl so i thought this us not a game for me. It's too girly and pink.
But for some reason I fell in love with it.
You should try it out, because: You get excited every tume you're using the gacha, there are stuff for eceryones' taste in style, lots of interesting events with fabulous rewards and the most important thing.... You can find great people, who share the same interests as you ^^
it defenitely worth it.
(well...sometimes it's a bit laggy, but it's not that annoying)

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


This is the first game that i cannot get enough of.
I love the graphics, the storyline is better built than most animes. You can get crystals easily, and i believe the gacha rate is quite fair. (for me at least)
I've tried all servers, but this is the one i like the most.
You can still find cheaters but less than on the others.

So if you haven't tried this game, than go for it. Now!

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