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Trivia Crack Explorer


ad simulator.
you get an ad every time you answer a question, you get an ad evey time you open something, you get an ad if you win, you get an ad if you lose.

gets boring fast.
at first it seems like you'll get a bunch of new songs, but, after a while youll see yourself stuck in a vicious cycle of playing the song u tolerate the most to try and get a small sum of coins, TO THEN hopefully unlock the box and if the GOD of RNG blesses you, a new song, if not: rinse and repeat.

microtransactions to progress. dont even waste your time.

if you live in a big city, then great because this game is perfect. alas, if you live in a small or rural town forget it.

Rival Stars Horse Racing


ita an alright game, amazing graphics but the gameplay is lackluster and gets boring quickly. it leans heavily on p2w, those who spend money can get the best horses while you're stuck with 3* until further notice.
therr are 3 currencies in game, roses (from events), silver and gold, gold being the paid currency.

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