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Cool stuff

Hero * Senki WW


Damn good game,
Played from the start DMM r18 and I've reached top 10 in PVP multiple times, after a while, you stop playing on Auto you begin to think more, the enemy ai starts playing mind games with you leaving you in the edge of your seat it is my favorite game of all time,
the gacha is fair 1,800 first roll, 13,500 gems for 100% guaranteed banner girl on step 5,
Each character has their personality you can bond with, whether you it's a bubbly personality or depressing there's someone for everyone.
If you need help getting into the game on Timeline, i posted a discord link, join and get the role for Eiyuu Senki and i will help you get settled into the game and guide you till you can walk on your own [開心]

Solid game for the Yuri lovers, simple gameplay easy to learn, simple mechanics, the Chibi style is very cute it's good.

Not a bad game [微笑]



An Absolute masterpiece, extremely f2p, crystal distribution is very high once you do your missions and story, you need not use crystal to get recruit tickets, there is a system implemented where you can send units on missions and they can bring you back recruit tickets, the PVP system is real time not AI, with the rewards from PVP you can purchase more recruit tickets overall there's nothing you need to buy with money, you can farm it all and that's a free player's dream. The fight animation are high quality the unit voices are decent, another huge thing I love about this game is the starring up factor, where as you can use duplicates of a unit or you can farm the materials needed, really a breath of fresh air. And by all means I'm no fan of Nexon but this game, this game brings the heat, I love this.

Dream Eater | Korean


really loved this one

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