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MC gender is always female (since they assume all catboy lovers are girls?) and nothing you do can change this. Incredibly disappointing, but expected. No choices for a while, also disappointing. Not sure what the point of having a fixed player gender is if they're not gonna let the player make choices or let the mc talk.

oh boy. touken ranbu recently got some much needed qol updates meaning it is much more accessible for newcomers used to faster paced games. unfortunately, the game still requires you to babysit it through a lot of it, which is still tedious since it's a lot of work for very poor gameplay.
however, there is something to be said for watching a naginata oneshot waves.

World Flipper | Japanese


The newest game from CyGames, World Flipper is pinball gacha fun. Despite what the description says, it doesnt need a VPN to play, and now that the server problems are (mostly) over, everything should hopefully be smooth sailing.

oh hey my most played gatcha game.
fgo en is fun, but not for everyone. battles can get tedious with no auto button and no NP skip - especially during events. the rates are... garbage, practucally requiring you to use those paid banners. but the story is so good you guys.
all characters are, theoretically, viable. some of the best supports are in the friend gatcha - USE THEM. LOVE THEM. you can borrow a friend's servant, so you grab that whale and NEVER let go.
but hey mostly have fun. theres no PvP so fgo is more of a waifu/husbando collector with a nice story attached.

Dragalia Lost


cygames', er, games are genuinely pretty good, definitely a cut above most other gatcha games. pretty quick to start, a lot of things can be automated (does not mean they should - harder boss battles require player input, but trash mobs are safe for the ai to handle while you watch the isekai of the season). not a lot of reason to save gems, except for gala events to get best dragon wife Mym.
dont forget about wyrmprints!!

Mario Kart Tour


the controls are far too awkward for a game played on portrait view. relies on a gatcha model and a battle pass, which is just trash. fun for a while, then never again. just play regular mario kart, one of your friends has to have some version of it.

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world flipper doesnt need a VPN!  Read Note
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