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Mobile game vagabond .. Searching for the generous one !!
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Mobile game vagabond .. Searching for the generous one !!
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Welcome to the waifu idle game !!

First of all if you have ever played Destiny Child then this is a bit inferior compared to that one. Being the same business offering sexy cute girls. You can get Destiny Child on playstore.

Secondly the chibi version battle is cute but that diminished the value of being sexy. With exception of cutscenes during skill usage.

Game demand you to have dupe so value wise it's not too friendly. Gameplay wise.. well it's auto festival.

Kingdom Dash!!


If any of you playing merc storia then this is would be a poor copy of that one.

2020 made game 2d scrolling game... I see the feet of my army dragging itself ( not moving naturally ) !!!

The game is totally auto. All you do is gaining the cost to summon the unit to battlefield then gain the cost again to upgrade them during battle. It's simple !!

Character evolution through the item you get during quest.
The rest is the same as usual.

If you read the series already the story is a skip button.

3% for 3* unit. It's bad tbh... but since the gacha only contain character , it's not too bad.

I will make this short...

Insaquarium Deluxe but just base game with multiple micro transaction..

Are you CODE:VEIN ? Nay !! I am CODE:SEED !!

-- CODE:SEED no Iron Fortress. [開心][開心]

Welcome to another turn based rpg mobile game.

First of all graphics is quite average. Still need polishing but it will do just fine [憋屈]

Same opinion about the sound.

Gameplay wise is quite simple , you pick one ability icon and drag it matching with the next icon to it. The more you get the better.

You will be visiting multiple node during exploration. Each has their own benefit except enemy face node.

This game has something called hospital for all unit that is time gated , not auto instant recovery like disgaea so dont make ur unit injured much. Bring healer. [難過][難過]

Your objective is upgrading control panel and clean ur homeless style base. [汗顏][汗顏]

Still not making any sense story so.. i hit skip button !!

Tutorial is pretty much basic so you need to learn by urself.

Alright let's talk about gacha ..[害羞]

This game has something like 3 pre pull before you actually pay it. It's useful feature to pick one of the 3 multi you opened. With 5* being highest and rated at 3% pull , it's not that bad.. but..

Gacha currency is pretty scarce. To gain free 10 pull you need to clear many thing and claim many stuff from achievement and mission.[汗顏][汗顏]

Overall it's a fine game but the game look like from 2015 era.. too bad about releasing in graphical advanced era. Too many competitor that already surpassing this.. [大哭][大哭]



Finally i can set journey to erotica !!

This game has good graphic so far. Very pleasing to eyes. Although the animation is kinda slow.

Graphic , Sound , Gameplay is totally average , no new mechanism.

If you familiar with another eden and SAO RS exploration , then this is similar to them.

Battle wise , this game seems to adapt epic seven style. Although E7 still have advantage in term of smooth animation..

Story is not bad. Our mc this time is isekai-ed. Jump world and meet with multiple waifu. Every man dream story.

3 star rate is 1.5%. This game gave 30 times to reroll. Make sure get two rainbow. Then grab the free tix from mail and pull another rainbow.

Overall this game is not bad.. just too slow.. exploration and battle wise.

Normal bejeweled game that only played vs other player.

Subtle graphics , average sound , meh gameplay no story , not much value either.

Game is still new.

If nothing happen during 4 turn player vs player, all you do is just 6 orb match per turn resulting in 24 orb.

Not much in the combo section. Just like normal bejeweled game house.

Good for your kids ...

Tensura:King of Monsters


The good thing about this slime game is .. soundtrack and under optimized high graphics.

Welcome to a new turn based gacha game with famous "I am not a bad slime" character !!

The characters design is not bad. Pleasing to eyes.
The game design following the old turn based rpg. Frontline get attacked first then back line.
Special attack can jump to back attack.

It has the story we already know .. assuming you either read the novel or manga or watch the anime.

Bad gacha rate. Guaranteed S on second multi is kinda rigged. There's very low chance to get S rank oni. The common one is the kids and Ranga.

First single pull is pre determined. First multi pull also pre determined. So reroll only on second multi onwards.

So far not a bad game if the character collection is not bad civilization.



If this game is published during brave frontier era I would be hyped.

This game has decent graphics for JPEG version but bad GIF version. Meaning it's cute on the inside , weird on the outside.

Standard soundtrack.. moving on.

Alright y'all gonna auto this game all the time at x2 speed. No strat.
Gameplay is geared towards grind the ingredient to evolve ur unit further and gain higher power level. The usual.

Hmm.. story wise it's quite bland imo but it's subjective.

Apparently this game has good value for the gacha but the gem is hard to come by for free player. Easy to exhaust the free given early game and clearing the stage for just one multi.

I have given the conclusion in the beginning. Good luck have fun happy gaming.

Cyberspace Ncrypt


Good semi idle game.

You gather character in gacha for free.
Obtainable gem from clearing the dungeon.

Weapon also obtainable from dungeon.
The best one come from vending machine. Only need gold to play vending machine gacha.

No need to top up just play it normally.

Shining Maiden | English


Here come a chibi waifu game !!

At least this one doesn't disappoint with the flashy graphic.. [憋屈]

Game OST is casual and pleasing to listen.

If you played hero cantare webtoon , this game is similar to it. Turn based stage battle with card stacking for each action. The more you stack the better.[睡覺]

After certain amount of action the character does, you can unleash the ultimate card which bring to animated screen. Only 5* has special animation screen. [懵懂]

A pervert come to girl academy just to celebrate with osanajimi and meet with multiple girl and start the blushing story. [汗顏][汗顏]

I believe we have seen multiple similar story..

1.95% ssr , take it or leave. Paid gem guaranteed SSR. [開心]

If you play for casual this game is not bad for a little while until you get bored. The graphics is pleasing to my eyes at least. [怪笑][怪笑]

Celestial Goddess


Welcome to another ship waifu building. [為什麼]

This time the waifu is not the ship but the commander.

Let's get into shallow review shall we ? [懵懂][懵懂]

First graphics is not phenomenal 2020 style.. it's the bare minimum of waifu graphics game.

I will never rate sound bad but this is quite average.

Gameplay is all about custom airship and upgrade em with commander included. Quite bland I'd say.
The battle also skip button only. Watching it is more painful.

Skip storyline since it has no depth. This is subjective but there's no meaning on the story.

Low chance getting top tier unit. What is maddening ... the other rarity unit is just a recolor. Same body same face.

Low gacha chance , Stamina system , multiple currency to use in the game. Full package !! [開心][汗顏][怪笑][驚訝][發火]

Phantom Rose Scarlet


If this game has no ads every time we progress would be a good one.

It's all about card counting !!

Welcome to fairy tail other language !!

Game has chibi version char of entire fairy tail series. Not bad. Average environment graphics.

Average sound. Not catchy but also not bad.

All auto gameplay. Turn based RPG without x2 x4 speed added.

Same story just with us as MC added to it.

Has VIP system, Daily progress tied to limited entry of quest. The rest you already know it.

Overall not really worth anything beside casual auto play when you bored.

Elroi : Defense War


Good game with bad gacha rate and multiple ads during gameplay that ruined this game.

Hell Sports


A paid for full game !! [鬼臉][發困][可憐]

This is a new kind of bomberman game with 2 vs 2 as the battle format. [委屈]

The graphic is fine, kinda retro, modern retro but the upscale is kinda bad. Feel like stretched image.. [難過][難過]

Feel the rhythm, let the battle begin!!! [怪笑]
Yes average sound. Not much to say. It's preference.

No story line just keep battling. It's just comedic hell character like that one anime. Houzu** no ****. [開心][開心]

Buy the game unlock it, play forever. Average value.

Genshin Impact


Also one of the best graphics on 2020 release, Genshin Impact has come to indulge us to an open world graphical game. [開心][開心]

Despite being the best graphic it is not without flaw.

Good sountrack, the standard of mobile game.

Gameplay is kinda wonky. The button wont respond to a fast tap, so you need to keep calm and slower your tap. [懵懂]

Close combatants is fine , but archer combat is kind of eh.. They need an assist like target lock. [難過][難過]

This game has good storyline, so you can enjoy it. But it lack skip button for replayer. [不滿]

Although it has the good praise , it is still a gacha game. Despite being good game the gacha rate destroyed it. [大哭]

If you're fine with bad average gacha result don't worry just keep playing. If you're collector of weapon and character with rarity 5* then good luck. [汗顏][汗顏]

Few reroll should give you imagination about the game in long run. [厲害][為什麼]

This is not idle RPG.. This is normal rpg !! [發火][發火]

File size : 450mb~
Language : dialog in Indonesian , battle interface in English.

Yes it has idle aspect like offline auto farm but the main point is you don't just build the character u have.

You also follow the little bit story just like normal rpg gacha game

Graphic is quite neat and clean. Not much unnecessary icon on the user interface button. [厲害]

Gameplay is same as other rpg game existing within gacha universe ..
You gacha character then level it up then upgrade everything allowed to be upgraded and moving on the stage. [開心][開心]

Sound is not bad overall.. Just your average good bgm on most mobile game. [不滿]

Has little bit story about modern civilization and monster mimicking persona vibe but with Indonesian ghost.. [懵懂][懵懂]

Gacha rate is 1.5% for 5*. For a new release game in 2020 that's quite a turn off.. [難過][難過]

Date or Die ..
Sound wonderful rite ?
Since one of the option is super good !!

File size : 3.2 gb~

This game has good graphic for a 2d action game. I can assure u the quality for the 2d limit. [哇噻]

Soundtrack wise it's good , but I can't change to what i want in the jukebox. I wish I can change the battle theme.. Nevertheless it's good.. [耍帥][耍帥]

Amazing gameplay like honkai impact !! but with 2d limitation. Smaller arena to battle and you only slash front or ur back. But the skill variance combo is good. [懵懂][懵懂]

Aside from the date dialog , the story is more or less same from the original story. Just enjoy the VA. [厲害]

Gacha rate is a bit eh.. [汗顏][汗顏]
It's divided to 2 , character and boosting character like stigma or craft essence in fgo.

The rate is not good for 2020... You can obtain most of the character manually but for above A , the grind is on hell stage or harder quest. [難過][難過]

Like honkai , the stigma has a set too. So yeah.. have fun with that .. [開心]

PS : Stamina system is shit. One entry cost more than 10. I wish it adapted bleach brave soul stamina system...

There's no auto so u gotta manual it all the time..

SINoALICE | Global


File size : 580mb~

The awaited Yoko Taro game.. how do we feel about this? Happy ? Sad ? Mixed feeling ?

Alright let's begin ..
This game is old not 2020 made so you can't expect something really flashy. But it still has good graphics enough to make us not bored !! [睡覺]

Nice sound , but then again SE is a game dev where sound always excel above everything. [害羞]

Gameplay is pretty straight. Use your weapon to dish damage on enemy. Counter their element and decimate them. It's nothing new.
The bad thing is stamina system exist here. [不滿][不滿]

Story line is.. hmm.. it's not really up to the hype as it's just a fraction of scene with the wording of despair. Almost want to press skip all the time but you could read it just a bit. It's not long line paragraph just a few lines. The humanity dark side. [開心][開心]

Gacha rate is ... ehh.. not much compared to other game. It has pity system but still expensive. Expect loads of hoarding for f2p and some luccshack.. [大哭][大哭]

Pokémon Café ReMix


File size 164 mb~

Graphics only game that's targeted on kids as audience.
It has amazing art unlike the original pokemon. Just a slight difference. [開心][開心]

Okay ish sound , doesn't seems catchy to me so..
3 points !! [不滿]

Gameplay is straight nothing confusing. [睡覺]
1. Gather all the same poke orbs and put them on the objective of the mission. eg gather and put them around sugar rock to break it.
2. The unique orb is a skill. Hold to see the area inflicted by it. Use it to reach objective of the mission.

No storyline.

It has no gacha but straight buy in game item that has little value on it. Just sit and enjoy the game. [為什麼][為什麼]

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Arknights !!
Tons of waifu , small amount of husbando !!
Gacha is fairly bad but you can get almost all character in game for free !!
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