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Hi there
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-why is this game so fucking polished

-why umapyoi is such a banger

-Rice shower best girl

Genshin Impact


It's amazing. You like open world games? You like RPGs? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, play Genshin Impact, you won't regret doing so (as long as you set your expectations next to nothing for the gacha).

Arknights | English


Arknights is an anime inspired tower defense game with a gacha system.

For graphics, the artwork and menus are beautiful and fit very well with the post apocalyptic setting. The in game chibi sprites are...bad. They're boring, have lack of character, and lazy. I might be unfair for expecting sprites like Epic7's, but it's 2020, mobile phones are much more powerful now and I think we definitely can see some better sprites.

Music is quite good, I never found myself disliking a music track. SFX are pretty crisp as well. Voice acting is really good here. Many distinguished VAs from the anime industry are voicing characters in Arknights, and they do not disappoint.

Basically gameplay is pretty simple, it's ALL PVE. You use stamina to enter a level, deploy your units on a grid, defending an entrance. Every unit has a different role such as tanking, dps, support, deployment cost recovery etc. Every unit also has a special skill (some that automatically activate, some are manual) that enhances their abilities. It's a gacha game so you're going to be grinding for evolution materials and whatnot, good thing there's auto battle. Auto battle in Arknights is a bit different than other RPGs, instead of just auto deploying, you need to have cleared the stage first, and then the game remembers every move you took during the stage, and replicates it during auto mode, with the skills that you have also used. Stamina is pretty limited however, so it's hard to grind for a long period of time. It's also half Fallout Shelter simulator, since you get a base and produce materials and etc.

Gacha in the game is kinda weird since the pity for a six star (max rarity) rate up is half and half. You have 50% chance of getting the rate up and 50% chance to not get the rate up if you do pull a six star. Although so far for me I've been pretty lucky and have gotten plenty of five and six stars in this game. Arknights is also pretty F2P friendly, most of the content can be cleared with low rarity units.

Story is nothing that you haven't seen before, pretty generic post apocalyptic plot. I like each individual character's lore on their profile though, they're always interesting to read.

Overall I think people who aren't discouraged by terrible chibi sprites will enjoy this game. If you like tower defense, try this game out. If you like waifus try this out. If you're a furry, try this out. Just try it out. You get a free 6* from a beginners banner.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Imagine SAO MD but with FGO/E7 hybrid gameplay.

You have your :
- typical unit and equip gacha from SAOMD.
- exploration with auto exploring and auto battling from Epic 7.
- gameplay as a hybrid between E7 and FGO.
- quality animations along with some cutscenes (some are completely new)
- decent music tracks (nothing taken out of the anime unfortunately)
- no pity timer from FGO

Probably the best SAO mobile game you got to date. If you really like SAO then you have nothing to lose. Currently the max rarity in the game is 4 stars and there are only 8 of them right now. Stopped playing because the currency needed for summons take a long time to get, and it doesn't help that the quests feel long asf.

Granblue Fantasy


I don't understand how a multi billion yen company makes money off of a game played in a web browser. You'd think they'd at least try to come up with a nice looking client with all the money made off this game. Only good part about this game are the character designs, they spawn some great H.

Epic Seven | Global


Phenomenal graphics, music, and character design. A lot of people complain about the grind, and yes, endgame grind can be hell. But compared to other gacha games I've played, you're not solely grinding for the summoning currency. You grind for gear, runes, and such to actually build a unit. Story is nice, I personally haven't read to much into main story. Side stories provide a nice insight on units. The Developers are being a bit more responsive than the past. By far my favourite gacha style game.

EDIT 1: smilegate is killing the game. Getting good gear is near impossible, content feels more like a chore and is not rewarding at all, new content is lackluster, auto battling is trash. I like this game, I really do, but smilegate is slowly killing it.

EDIT 2: Smilegate has made auto battling good now, however the rest of my complaints are still valid. I recently quit because of the garbage gear I was getting, despite the improvements to the equipment conversion. RNG rolls for gear are just frustrating, and it's not fun when you grind the same stage over a thousand times.

Dragalia Lost


Soundtracks are amazing. The lobby music is catchy af, gameplay is fun, and interesting characters too.

Fire Emblem Heroes


Pretty fun, lots of challenge and content in the game.

It's very repetitive, somewhat p2w too.

Unless you have money or have amazing luck, this game is not enjoyable lmao. By far, this game has the worst rates of any gacha games I've played.
EDIT I bought a FGO account for like 10 bucks with Ishtar (cuz she's best girl) and now it's somewhat enjoyable.

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