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Game is good, if your aim is to be f2p then u can in this game u just have to play it the right way like u have to aim first the meta dps(no need to worry because S rank is 70% guaranteed in 60 pulls, rates are not bad so ye) there is also free starter S rank which is u can pick what u want(i recommend selecting Lee(the one with 2 guns) or Liv(white haired girl with 2 flying cannons lol).

Getting black cards(gacha currency) in this game is just like in honkai i believe(don't hate me) i'm still newbie btw but from what i know u can farm BC here in story(normal and hidden mode) idk if they also have something like in sdsgc where u can get gems everyweek from pvp.

It's easy to make a account it's just people complain right away before they try. I think there's review here that explains how to make an acc just check it out.

Btw all A rank and B rank chara here are useful and farmable(2 frags a day) there is also 1 free S rank if u reach lvl 52 but he is only limited in some area. I also recommend not pulling till lvl 50 because there's free x10 pulls :)

My opinion about this game is in the timeline btw but ye anyways just play this game this is the kind of game we f2p want

I can't play this game after 1.5.1 update. Rip my account and bye game

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