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Ochinchin ga daisuki

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Ochinchin ga daisuki
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CarX Street


car x street is now available on .android devices there was an issue with the game a week ago but now it has been fixed back to the main review
graphics: this game has some really good realistic graphics amd physics everything looks clean and good
gameplay : there are option in settings which allows you to switch your type of button control there's even a controller tap were you can connect one and you can adjust your sensitivity just in cause the game felt kinda hard for you so that's a 4/5
sound music is fire some phonk music and many good soundtracks so that's a 5/5
storyline : I haven't played that much but the plot is kinda normal tbh like there's only cars included no NPCS interaction just cars so that's a 2/5
value you can buy nany good looking cars inside the game it definitely worth it and it's eazy to get points as nd money inside the game if you're an F2P so no worries.
problems the game has some issues on Samsung device not all of them but the most in general compatibility issues and there are some extreme bugs like seeing black glitches all over the game but not for long time it'll disappear after few seconds and the game sometimes crashes for no specific reasons maybe because it's not being optimized yet the game still playable tho
when it'll be fixed the developers already confirmed that they're working so hard to get this game right it took them a lot of time to release it on mobile platforms so we need to be a bit patients
the game requirements are .as follows 6GB RAM
Internal : 64 GB.
Prosesor : Snapdragon 720G
Layar : HD 60 Hz
other than that i doubt it'll work probably

Muse Dash


lmao i got the hacked version of this gameplay is so relaxing and the songs are just top quality there's no storyline yet unfortunately but t based on the images that you'll find you can tell what's happening you need fast hands in order to play harder stages and above one of the best rythem games I've ever played

Seven Knights ll|Korean


man I'm quitting every English gatcha games Korean MMORBG'S games are really on a different level tbh they will give you lots of free stuff you don't even have to pay at all and you still getting tons good stuff i highly recommend this game
the graphics are also on a next level pc quality game
if you have some troubls with the language you can take a screenshots and translate them later not a big problem or you can always watch YouTube videos guides

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