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Noah Bottle


I played this game for the first time years ago. It has different options for the type of maps and you can use any songs you have downloaded. They have a lot of classical music to play and you can even make your own maps. This game is really good and I always end up coming back to it.

I really enjoy the music that's already in the game and they are adding more songs each day. The gameplay can be for anyone since there are varying difficulties. Personally I play on hard or expert and you should be able to pick it up if you play other rhythm games.

Love Nikki | English


I've played this game for 3 years solid and then took a break. It's really fun and i like how much you can really customize. It's a really solid game that you'll enjoy if you like fashion.

Obey Me! Shall we date?


I'm going to start this by saying this game is hard. You really have to grind to make progress and it can suck not making any. But the story is good and it's gender neutral so anyone can enjoy. The cards are really pretty but they are released really fast (about as fast as rhythm games like project sekai and sifas). I would just choose one character to really like and aim to get their cards through saving.

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