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how is this game in english if under the game desc it says Traditional Chinese?

V4 | Korean


Uhm so much to say ... i for one wouldnt recommend it to anyone above the age of 12... it's just meh.

All the gameplay this game offers is just kill quests and nothing else. so if you like to do that from level 1 to the end of days, this is the right game for you.

HEAVY PAY WALLS AND P2W Mechanics, i'll name just two that will turnoff anyone with a positive IQ

1) InGame Auction House / Market (NOT CASH SHOP)
You can sell items only when you hit level 50.
Yet you can buy any items from the start, USING CASH SHOP CURRENCY
You can ONLY SELL AND BUY from the AH with Cash Shop IRL$ currency.

2) Dungeons behind paywall, required items to enter the so called "dungeons" are very scarce in game, but yet again you can buy them from the cash shop.

BUT by any means, you wanna start now and you have your CreditC ready onhand, you can easily create your lvl1 character, go to the AH and buy your endgame gear, the buffs, and you are ready to level up and ROCK!GG[發

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