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GARBAGE. I highly recommend my f2p friends to NOT try the English version of this game. It's beyond bad. Why, you ask? In the CN and TW versions of this game, you could use the same gacha tickets (which aren't hard to get) to draw from hero rate up banners. The drop rates there in those are also decent. However, in the English version, you cannot use the the average gacha tickets to draw from hero rate up banners, instead you would need this so-called Tarot Cards for rate up banners which are very rare to acquire. You can use normal gacha tickets to draw from normal gacha chart, and most of the time they give you the old & crappy SSR instead of the new good SSR ones. In short, play the TW version instead if you wish to get the SSR of your choice when their banners show up and evolve your heroes faster as well

WARNING : all the positive reviews below are from pure p2w users

Exos Heroes


Just beyond amazing. One of the best f2p turn based gacha to date, period. Stunning animated graphics, average gacha drop rates but the 10x gacha costs only 700 gems and you get a heck lot of that from events & timed missions. Not to mention this game also has one of best looking skill animations you will ever find 👌👌

Super String


This game easily deserves the spot as one of the best f2p & furnished looking turn based RPG to date.. The developers are very generous as they help you get you any SS hero of your choice in short time, and even more! I'm a f2p user myself possessing almost all the SS heroes, but this is one of the few RPG games where investing money is really trustworthy as the offers are good too and the developers care about their customers. You can get any SS hero just by gathering their pieces from shop at cheap cost or piece exchange menu without even having to draw the heroes from gacha! The graphics is stunning (Unreal Engine) and the story is not bad. The only downfall are the high gold cost for slot equipment level upgrades and the difficulty in tower (after 25 F) .. Other than that, this game is a must to try, I highly recommend it to all f2p and p2w users alike 👌👌



I don't get why some people are not satisfied with this game. Gamevil is a very generous company, and Heir of Light is one of their fine examples where you literally get almost everything with little effort without having to spend real currency. Graphical quality and combat aspects are quite stunning as well. The only thing it lacks is a good storyline. Customer service response is also very generous and speedy as well. And people who keep similarising Heir of Light with King's Raid probably haven't played enough turn based RPG out there, and need to explore first before making a poor comparison

The game is great, that's for sure. The devs are also generous enough to help the free users with good free stuffs. However, two things that stuck me are that they should try to make skill animation of heroes a little more decent / cool looking and of course.. They should improve the graphical quality of the game and make it smooth 3D

OVERHIT | Korean


Used to be a really great and fun turn based RPG, possibly the best during it's time when it first appeared. This Korean version of Overhit used to help free users give away tons of gifts and good stuffs from events. But sadly the game has now lost it's touch ever since the UR heroes (being superior to other grade heroes) were introduced to force players into spending money to get them from gacha (very terrible drop rates)



Gamevil's games are always the best and genuine F2P games with tons of freebies & events, and customer care service is very keen and responds quickly

VGAME | Japanese


Uh... No. The whole game concept was developed by Nexon.. Enish was just the publisher and cooperating team with Nexon on this game project

Highly p2w game... Even the events try to force you into paying. Never try Tencent or Netease, these b@stards game companies only want people's money

Xross Chronicle


Gacha cost is super high, and yet the drop rates are disgustingly low... Don't waste time playing this money greedy game

Great and awesome game, really. But the storyline should be more realistic and should have exciting cinematics too. And also please release its English version

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Losing account Did anyone ever experience issue of losing your free account unexpectedly in this game?? This is the 2nd time it happened to me for no reason... I worked so hard to grow this last account with top heroes (lvl 57) .. My account was clearly linked to Google and now I can't find my account on any server anymore Read Note
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