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Não é que seja ao todo ruim, mas a escolha de arte, o tutorial que levou mais de 30 minutos e o estilo de gameplay fazem o jogo não ser para mim e no fim eu não recomendo para ninguém




The game is one of the biggest hits of SAO in the game company, but it is for mobile phones
Nothing against is just outrage for not striving for versions of consoles and pcs
Well the game is too beautiful and the effects even better, the characters (although extremely drawn to the fanservice) are very well worked with an SS3 almost always unique and well worked and this novelty of pose (even if limited to many characters) gives more charm
The gameplay is great and intuitive however I think adding the jump complicated the dodge system which is not 100% functional
The story is SAO or SAO fanservice nothing to add
The game is worth a lot and it's a shame I still have not come to my country (sorry for spelling mistakes)

It's a hit from Sword Art Online in games the bad is to be cell phone and (although irrelevant) is not open for all countries (at least not mine)
Because I do not like mmo much I took points of the gameplay and value and the story I do not have much to talk about
(sorry for spelling mistakes)

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