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Game doesnt open

Time Defenders


Downloading was slow and buggy, needed to restart three times. Can't even get in the game as its bugged at the first battle... sad launch [白眼]

Blue Archive | Global


Game is really nice, has good mechanics and the waifus are [色色]

Graffiti Smash | English


I see balls, I play with balls, i BECOME BALLS [開心]

The game is one of the best, if you can handle the big grind! Join an active knighthood as it teaches you how to clear it contents!

It's kinda hard to start as a new player but if you can hold on, you can get really good!

King's Raid


Old but gold, it's quite good for new players. There'a alot of content but the game teaches you this in a meaningful way!

Btw alot of hot waifus and husbandos with cool cosmetics [色色]

Pokemon Unite


Get to play with your favourite pokemons, just to fight over the jungle... other than that is has good content but some expensive cosmetics.. Overal quite enjoyable if you can handle your teammates [白眼]

Among Us


Among Us learned me that there's a killer in all of us [無語]

Revived Witch | English


This game is like fighting a midget in the ring, it's all fun and games till he uppercuts your balls [無語]

Shocked by how well made this game is [哇噻]

It's Dokkan what can I say.. if you grind (hard), you will be rewarded with more grinding and with cool units +[厲害]+

Brown Dust | Global


Really cool game with alot of waifuuuus![怪笑]

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