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My personal space bubble is five miles wide.
Okami Shasha 27141496

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My personal space bubble is five miles wide.
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You better give chiwa her bamboo!!!

Even though I didn't get to play because always black screen, no worries since I played the two other versions [微笑]

And as always it's the best!!

Hatsune Miku -TAP WONDER-


So sad that some people got disappointed, well that's what happens when your always whining [賣萌][賣萌]

Graffiti Smash | Japanese


The good thing is it has a tutorial at the very beginning where it shows how its done unlike other games where it just says the guides so I'm happy with that

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How can I sell/delete my characters? It's already full and I didn't get the girl that I got from the event  Read Note
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