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The game so much good, the graphic and the sound match with the game and don't have problem. The storyline also match with the original anime and you can choose any dialogue from 3 choice, so we can see some dialogue which is not in the movie and it's cool. Everything I rate 5, but for the value I give it 4 because the explanation a little fast and their text explantion on the box is a bit small so it's a bit difficult to see and read, it's similar like Genshin Impact. And I don't know how to close the game other than force close.

Need to catch up the story

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The game just recently release, but i like the design of the characters. My favorite is Kakudate Karin[色色]. Though I still wonder why the game features same like Priconne? Are they have same developer?

Everything's good, the only problem is you must play the main story so can play some events (Example, to play Saber Wars II must clear Solomon, to play Sparrow Inn must clear SIN story)

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