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Just your normal gacha guy
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Just your normal gacha guy
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Blue Archive | Global


You know what, despite the backlash it received because of the censorship issue. I can't deny that this really is a great game, starting from cute graphics to live 2d's. And don't get me started on the bgm/ost the game has, an absolute banger. At first I'm not hooked on the story and just want to focus on gameplay but now, I'm grinding my way to unlock levels JUST to read the next chapters. I'm really curious and intrigued on what will happens next. I just hope it would be adapted as an anime in the future.

tl;dr: This will be your fave game if you're in the minority just like me who doesn't care about the censorship that much as long as it doesn't affect the overall gameplay.

First of all, I just want to tell you guys that the opening of this game is such a banger. I always tend to finish the music before logging in. Now that's out of the way, gameplay is your usual turn-based match this, match that game mixed with base building to earn some materials while your offline. I really like the exploring aspect of your base and interacting with your characters. The story is fine, most of it are all what happened in the anime but you need to watch out for stories with "original story" on it because you don't want to skip those, it's unique on the game itself. In terms of performance, not recommended for those with potato phones cause it'll sure lag as hell. My verdict - a good game but quite repetitive to the point you'll get bored easily, which can be fixed by events so I'm looking forward for that.

The game has simple mechanics, reminds me of SinoAlice gameplay with a twist, it's different from your typical gacha games out there because weapons are more important than the characters. pick your waifu/husbandos then forfeit all your precious gems through weapon banner to make her/him stronger. UI needs some work since it overlaps most of the text outside the readable/visible area but i guess it's the problem with english texts. I'm surprised how the devs of this game gave an effort for us global players to enjoy the game even with some mistranslations. Not to mention they're so generous with the rewards. Definitely recommended as your main game or just your time killer.



I just want to say that this is one of the most generous games out there, what's more is lower rarities can be useful in clearing pve content too. New players would be drowned by how many things you need to clear in this game and since this is a korean game, the amount of grind would discourage you. I assure you that even though this has a pvp, you can forfeit or just go auto cause even if you lose you'll get a 60 pvp currency anyway. So play at your own pace, no need to rush it. Anyway, everything in this game is awesome, from the story to graphics itself. I would say it's definitely worth a try!

Over Eclipse


If you're a fan of games with good graphics, I assure you it's not the game you want to play. But the story will hook you, I just hope they would make it globally just so I can understand the story behind it easily. I also played another game from the same publisher called GoetiaX, like I said it looks like a flash game but the story would intrigued you to play more specially for those people who are into the game story more than the graphics itself.

I played PriConne since soft launch and I just want to say how cute this game is, props to Crunchyroll for not letting us players down specially with these generous amounts of freebies! Cygames' games really never disappoints. The amount of effort this game is insane. You can already see that it has this simple and cute UI yet easy to navigate, I can see why other games copied this. There's a meta but you're free to upgrade whatever you want since any rarity can reach max star through fragments at the shop. I love the voice acting too, since most of the characters are voiced over by popular VA's. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, upgrade your units, farm, do dailies - rinse and repeat. You probably might find it boring on later levels but it's not much big of a deal. The gacha is fine, don't have problem with it so far since crystals can be easily obtained. Overall, PriConne is a game that you truly not want to miss! Play it and try it for yourself.

Having fun playing it, it's the same as your match3 games like FGO but with a twist. Dunno if I am only the one having some difficulty spikes in the game, maybe I'm just that bad lol. The graphics are great, not too shabby and not that super in today's standards, the music are kinda okay.. some of it - the OP is good though. When it comes to gacha it's pretty fair, I just hope that the recruit first, pay later would last two or more days for us to get gold. Overall, I suggest trying it.

Sure, NieR Re[in]carnation can be called as a walking simulator beating Death Stranding but I can let that pass since everything in this game is beautiful. The atmosphere, soundtracks, battle animations and the story. If you're expecting the same gameplay as NieR Automata then sorry to say it is not the game for you.

Warau Ars Notoria


Looks like a reskinned grand summoners since it was made by the same developer. The gacha can be frustrating as characters are so damn rare expect you always get support cards. I guess that's my only complaint. Overall, it's a decent game.

Action Taimanin | Global


gonna tell my kids this is hentai impact

Epic Seven | Global


So far so good, the graphics are superb and I really like the 2d artstyle of it. Some of the voice-overs are a little weird but most of them are good, maybe I'm just used to JP voice-overs. Gameplay seems starting to be grindy, I'm at rank 36 and I can feel the pressure grinding for materials and exp to 6* your heroes. I really love the storyline and hooked to it! The rates are somewhat okay and some of the 3* and 4* are worth using. Overall, it's a great game!

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