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just an egg trying to find good game like U.C 0081 and Brave frontier (till now i still havent got it yet)
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just an egg trying to find good game like U.C 0081 and Brave frontier (till now i still havent got it yet)
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this game have english features perfect!! ! !

Ragnarok Origin | Korean


download tapi gak mainin soalnya gak ada bahasa inggrisnya, plus yang dikasih orang apk patchernya nunggu satu jam gak download2 tuh patcher nya tulisnya cannot connect to the server, haaaa
gak ada lagi macem RO dulu gameplay di mobile [不滿][不滿][不滿][不滿][不滿][不滿][不滿][不滿][開心][不滿][不滿]

a retro like simple adventure game. . honestly just that from what i can said, what do you expect? (o´Д`)=з(o´Д`)=з

Crowd City


a game that good for when you bored with another game or have to w8 your energy to be restored (like me w8ing for FFBE energy restored)

Fun Race 3D


well at least it is good for a time waste mehಠ_ಠ

Nameless Cat


What a relaxing game and the music theme is so so[害羞][害羞][害羞][害羞] if you guys bore with action rpg gacha game and want to try something else, i recommend this game, relax and play and have fun. .. [色色][色色][色色][色色][色色]dont try to hard, keep the relax and enjoyed this heart warming retro/indie game[開心][開心][開心][開心][微笑][微笑][微笑]

[色色][色色][色色][色色]Danmachi at last in the gaming world ahahahahha its so great the event
new player event
ryu back story
interact with other char is great too
costume[色色][色色][色色]dont mind if i do
gacha it so so so netral and you can even get your favorite character (of course for limited time char gacha you must try hard)
there are bundle in game but you really aint need it if you enjoy with slow pace build
limit break and ascension is so cool and status board like in real anime work[厲害][害羞][害羞][害羞][害羞]
the downside is
the character is chibi(for some people they like it but i dont like it, it will be more great if the character like normal size)
the type of enemy is always like that . . . only different color, i am bored with that
just that
but have fun for anyone whose enjoyed it[色色][色色][色色][色色][色色][色色]btw, guild in other games rename in this game as Familia wow have fun to create or join other Familia

it really good game with so many heroes news and before... but the gameplay make me bored and it keep over and over. . ... well it is better than Fate game in ps4 and steam

Crash Fever | Global


with so many crossover with anime like rezero, tate no yuusha and many more
this game deserve awesomeness and love from all over player
its revolutionary puzzle genre rpg make game like empire&puzzle rise and in my time before it only have a little gacha withdraw. .
but now with belial going isekai and any other events like free 10 gacha everyday cause 3.5 anniversary This game deserve the revolutionary genre. .
thats all
oh but the dowside is with WiFi . . prepare to be hit with payment lol cause this game use too much data and sometimes it crash... have fun

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U. C 0083 best simple Gundam if anybody know gundam game like this one please tell me, i know its not official from Bandai but the battle system and the simplicity and many Gundam types are in here, if only this game lives on i maybe still playing it Read Note
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