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Hello all!
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Hello all!
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It looked interesting so I figured I would give it a try for a little bit however after playing for an hour or 2 I gotta say I really like this game. Like it's a lot of fun including the events.

Now that I've been playing it for more then a week. I see some flaws such as errors with Avatar uploading, some not being able to login. ie some bugs.

Also very p2w. I mean f2p can be okay if you focus more on the story, or if you have a friend or 2 to help with the grinding in most cases etc. but there is 1-4 events where it's forced pvsp. As in you'll probably die a lot more then a p2w player. But if you can ignore the deaths if not maybe even do the event's when it's almost over to avoid a lot of players or even skip/make it up via gold/bound ingots later then that can maybe work.

Also not all classes are really not balanced.

The staff for male characters or the umbrella user for female characters is what I see being praised the most/ran the most. The male with the moon like Symbol or Archer for girl's I've seen a few run and like it as well though.

But like the rest no one uses on my server or I've seen valid complaints.

Either way despite all this flaws I was still enjoying the game for a while but after a bit I decided to quit due to the fact that there's no way for me to keep up.

As someone who really liked the Jpn version despite not knowing what it was saying at all this one didn't dissapoint me at all.

Spotify Music


I have used it for years and have never had any issues with it.

Lord of Heroes


One of my favorite rpgs my only real issue I have with it is finding time for it as even just the dalies for it take longer then some other games but on the few days I'm able to do every daily at least I enjoy it a lot.

I'd love to play this even with it being forced to pay if they had bundles for me thats what ruined this game. like if I could go and pay for Heart etc. route within 1 payment if not maybe even all routes 1 payment I'd definitely give it a try but having all these separate payments just feels like a waste when it comes to games like this.

Soul Land Reloaded


Very nice Graphics and the music is good too I have had no issues with it so far myself and even as a f2p I have already gotten 2x S's with 2* ranking within 4hrs of playing it. i haven't even heard of this series before but for me I already like this game so might have to look into it at a later date.

Personally one of my most favorite ones from this company

I gotta say I think this one is really interesting. However I kind of wish we had more options. Like I was so suprised when Altor and Apollo's son weren't selectable.

i gotta say for me this is one of my favorite games that I've played by this specfic company. The other ones similar to it story line wise that I've really enjoyed so far is Twilight Crusade, A kiss from death and Blood moon calling.

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