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I can deal with online arguments all day long. Fight me. You WILL lose.
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I can deal with online arguments all day long. Fight me. You WILL lose.
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Pokemon Unite


Long story short: you're either in a team full of tryhards or full of retards. This applies both on Casual Matches and Ranked Matches.

Freebies are decent enough to start your journey. I heavily suggest you do your research about what Pokemons you're planning to get before you buy them, because saving up in this game WILL take quite some time.

Items are upgradeable here but outside matches only, you get that freebie I mentioned to instaly level it up to its max level, so use it wisely.

Team composition does matter here, but not as much as...let's say an example: LoL Wild Rift. There are occassions where you're in a team with two Speedsters (god forbid they steal kill/steal farm on each other or with fellow teammates), and you could still win depending on how well you work together.

There is no actual chat function here, only quick chats and typical Pings. So, if you meet those assholes who goes AFK when he's got no idea how to play (ALTHOUGH THE GAME LITERALLY SHOVES YOU RIGHT INTO TUTORIAL THE FIRST TIME YOU BOOT IT UP), or just down-right farming orbs without joining teamfights or score them for ACTUAL PROGRESS--I suggest hit the Surrender Vote, save your time and your sanity, move on. You will not be able to tell them simple and clear what they should be doing (being 'Toxic' is what they would say heh yea right).

Customization is also decent here, what is not decent about it is the price for some of the costumes/skins, I dunno--it depends on how much you're willing to spend on a MOBILE GAME, I guess.

Controls need some more polish, in my playing experience; it still feels a little bit clunky, some Pokemons even have noticeable delay between touch and actual effects.

Overall, this is an option for a casual break, a nice breather for your Lose Streaks and your disappointment in Anniversary Rewards after many attempts of review bombings. Just keep away from going Solo in Ranked and remember to main All-Rounder & Speedster, your only hopes and chances of winning with the teammates you're about to meet and curse at internally.

Definitely will keep playing this game on my phone.
It's as balanced as it should be, and characters as gorgeous as they could be. [懵懂]

Onto the main issue, whenever I got teamed up with Koreans; the Ping will be so bad, I'm talking about almost a second delay during skills cast. Since this is still Beta, that can't be helped but pray to whatever gods you believe in, they won't go mid and feed. [no]

Edit (11/11/2020): Apparently this Red Ping spike is caused by thirsty players from god knows where in the world that couldn't wait for their own OBT WildRift within their regions. Recent patch has somewhat resolved this, but you know what Riot haven't resolve? Yes, retarded players who are map-blind and kill tryhards. I'm looking not only at Koreans.

Also, a friendly reminder: beware of ML rejects, especially with their mentality of trying out a champion, LITERALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME, on ranked. Cheers and may your Solo Ranked journey go well (Bronze, Silver, and early Gold are literal hell, be toxic should you deem it necessary,) [發困][發困]

Edit (06/02/2021): Viet Congs ruined the game with their braindead, shrimpheaded, chicken-level of intelligence in regards of team composition, go figures. Not that it matters, or something new to behold. [白眼][白眼]

I can't remember the last time I played Megaman X series. But I do remember that the stages and its enemies are gonna troll you to your death, and this game do just that. The controls are...well, it leave things to be desired. It's not bad, if your playstyle is a constant hit and run--otherwise, CQCs are gonna screw you.

No drop from enemies, like health or something--anything would be nice tbh. Surprisingly, fighting the stage bosses is way easier than fighting all those typical small fries.

Now about PvP, oh the better have a very good connection & maxed out skills, chips, and other right enhancements before you fight off those OP players. Unless you want them to absolutely wipe the floor with your ass in like, 3 mins top.

Arknights | English


This is a big brain game. You would absolutely get your ass handed unless you go creative on your squads composition as well as their placement within the level.



Team composition matters, and you can place a Ward. Yes, a Ward--in a mobile Moba.

So many tanoshii furenzu. [開心]

My friends judged me for playing this game; which is full of boobs, ass, and buttons mashing. Would keep playing.

The graphics is just THAT good for a mobile game, if your device can hit max settings. Then there are the options to tone down the blur and turn screen optimization off to overall see more clearly and more.

Sounds and stuff are also nice, we got fully voiced english dialogues. You will also need to grind, like a lot...not to mention managing your resources via Camp. Upgrade items and skills, there are just so much things to manage--some may call it immersive, but I find it overwhelming. Definitely not my type of game.

Other than that, a lot of people will absolutely enjoy this game--if you can manage time for playing this game while managing shits and stuff in your real life tho. Coz this game will REALLY take your time.

World Flipper | Japanese


For a pinball game, the boss fights get chaotic real fast and it suddenly turned into a borderline-bullet hell game. It lags my phone evertime it does that. Would question what is happening on my phone's screen again. 👌

Arena of Valor | IDN


See, before the Servers merge. You only have to worry about those troll players. But after that merging disaster happened, now we have ACTUAL braindeads who just don't know and don't care about teamplay. The patches only manage to fix the constant red Ping issues, they haven't managed to fix heroes balance and the braindeads.



This is your go-to app if you want to look for beautiful illustrations. Also, it has R18 filter. So, yeah. [厲害]



Lighter, faster, easier. This game got the Aim Assist option, which is very helpful. Need more maps and weapons, and reduce the bots--coz most of the time, you'll be shooting them instead of real players.

Google Translate


Best Waifu ever. She literally translates every known language for you. 10/10 <( ̄▽ ̄)>

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


You will need some friends to progress through your rank quickly or have very good skills in both buying items and utilizing your hero's abilities. The absence of ward items in this game will make your Farming process a challenge.

First off, it has fully voiced 39 waifus [賣萌]. It also has 歌い分け songs in which each respective idols sing with their own voice instead of other songs with preset ones [開心]. I should also mention that certain songs has 13 Idol Live feature, which my phone could not handle.

They could have added more difficulty options for Solo Live to make it more challenging. [不滿]

Gameplay wise, it's fine for me. They could've provided better control on landscape tho. Story is your typical Build Fighter-esque plot and chars: pretty forgettable. They could give us more paint is not that complicated. Overall moddings and mix matching your own janky robot in this game is downright depressing.

IMHO, this is by far the most decent Tales of game for mobile. There are plenty, and I mean PLENTY of characters you can choose to use--excluding collab characters. Edna FTW.

Star Ocean: Anamnesis


Played for 2 years IIRC. Had many limited-time chars from Gacha and from collabs. Forgot to bind my account when my phone recently had to be factory reset. 11/10 I cry while I mine and grind to bring my former glory back, go for this game.

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My friend has been playing for years and still haven't got her. I pulled her for free a few months ago.
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