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this game is soo mysterious, mysterious enough that you can't play it since release.

Eternal Tree | Japanese


dunno man, this is the craziey gacha i ever see.. in every pool there are 3 different kind you can get

1 character
2 card
3 robot

and each of kind have their own SSR so good luck getting your fav char or strongest char.

for me its not worth cuz the game just your usual turn based without any additional mechanic like soul tide.

wow, a high quality game, i love the graphics, CG n the sound effects in this game sooo good. just play up to finish the tutorial and unlock gacha.

time to change my review...

gameplay at arena/exercise in high tiers are complete bullshit, full of shitty rigged match.

- my sirius have 100% crit chance, cannot crit a single enemy in certain of 5 match,
- my ginga have full status acc set, max at skill 2, 6 out of 10 match cannot land a single debuff.
- my grace have 150% crit chance wifth max skill 2. have the same like sirius, 5 out 10 matches cannot land a single crit to enemies..


disaster, this game is disaster, control is clunky, monster 1 or 2 shot you, purple weapon 1 shot full health.

graphic is fuking horrible, my phone is ROG but got a massive fps drop in all high setting whenever got to new area, new enemy from afar, or the wall shrink.

connection is utterly shit, from SEA region, connect to SEA server fluctuates at 250-700 ping... WOW !!! my worst ping connected to NA server in other game is 190-210 ping, this game just WOW !.

graphic ???? hahaha even at all high setting the graphic looks like SNES game, you cannot even look at wire that walling you from walking, the house wall is soo shit even 3 years old kid can do better at drawing n coloring. they only care to make the paid character, your own original character looks like a doodle.

ohh the sound !! every weapon type have similar sound the different only the fire rate, holy shit !! oh wait the claymore swing's sound and knive's sound is the same too hahahaha too stupid.

materia/magic ? absolutely terrible, terrible control and hard to tap, and hard to hit, useful ?? NO !! 1 million times betrer use your fist rather than this shit.

WAITING FOR THIS, what i got only shit battle royal.

wow, after everything, finally i can play... this game is good and all but unfortunately the battle just a straight copy from other famous game, no other gimmick just a copy paste. storyline?? the same as anime but with additional lame evil character that wants to play with rimuru.

the other thing is this game is the stingiest game ever i played. no compensation when they mess up so bad, the reward for the 1st event of the game is basically "TRASH !"

yeah a trash that you can easily got from daily and a trash character that never ever be used. seriously the best reward is 4 star benimaru ?? that octagram baazar shit, you can't get all of it from this event.

at least make the reward for forging, lvl up n evolution weapon & armor, dipshit developer. that material is fuking hard to get. we don't need another trash 4 star or character material, just give those weapons materials fuking idiot.


conclusion 1st event reward is ALL TRASH ! then more trash in the next event, not worth for playing drop it.

after playing for a while, the game isn't really attached to me. the story itself isn't that good, well maybe cuz i skip most of the dialogue, too much short scene n short dialogue between quest, yes every new quest either story or side quest will have this annoying short scene made me drop it. somehow i cannot stand it.

the graphic n action gameplay is awesome, just need the developer added more difficulty dungeon and its perfect. i am strongly recommend the game for one who like YS series gameplay. it's super cool ! far better than ys IX.

the music is lovely n calming, for boss music's you can feel the tension. sound effect is also nice.

for recommend char, get the "5 star light element long hair blonde (name : mildred)" her ultimate is OP, the strongest ultimate right now.

also don't bother invest in any 4 star DPS, they suck, low dmg n useless skill even with elemental advantage they still suck !! super weak. for 4 star invest the one with support skill.

currently you can win everything with the 5 star mildred n two 4star support char.

Pokemon Unite


idiot moba matching game..... the 1st time ever i block entire member party for 10 consecutive game... FUK TOO MUCH IDIOT IN THIS GAME



the first thing ever is THE PAYWALL IN THIS GAME IS SO HIGH !!

yup, you need must have certain mecha, you need must have certain support character. why?? because they decided you can't clear the stage without those certain char.

alot of mecha from alot of series, 95% of the mecha is fricking useless even you max upgrade it and have all the SSR skill. why ? they fricking do no dmg to the boss and got 1 shoted by the boss. BURN YOUR MONEY TO GET THE 5% MECHA's SSR skill.

here another one you are already max upgrade everything have the best mecha but still cannot beat the stage ??
cause you forgot this upgrade called SUN UPGRADE IN PILOT TRAINING, that you can only get from "PULLING THE SPECIFIC SSR SKILL THIS MECHA FROM THE GACHA." TIME TOOO BURN MONEY !!!!

ohh i still lacking dmg or cannot tank the boss, you forgot another big thing, what is it ?? you need to equip skill ability chip !! but how do u get it ? TURN YOUR HARD TO GET N PRECIOUS SSR SKILL INTO THIS CHIP !! but don't forget turning into this chip is another GACHA !!! YAYYYY [開心][開心] IF YOUR LUCK IS BAD YOU WILL GET TRASH CHIP. YAY AGAIN !! [開心][開心] anddd burn your money again.

conclusion if you are not a rich bicth or having rich papa, don't play this game. if u see people saying this is grind game or i am f2p and can beat this. say FKCU YOU!!! to their face.

oops forget bout this.
- BGM SUCK (sometimes the bgm won't even playing)
- story ?? your preference (typical srw story)
- graphic not so good comparing to ps 2 srw, this game still lose
- gameplay can be awesome without those HIGH PAYWALL.

i trying to play this game long enough but i just can't do it, hearing "pyuu pyuu, cyuu cyuu, siuuu" when they atking with ship's cannon just impossible for me. try no sound but its get boring fast for me.

i only manage playing till the end of chp 2 so dunno bout the end game n other feature.

Alchemy Stars | Global


hmm... the gameplay is pretty similar to princess principal in android , no other gimmick just straight copy - paste.

the graphic n animation is top notch, sound effects in battle is awesome, they use different sound effects atk in each char at 5 n 6 stars characters.

storyline is unexpectedly good, i kinda wasting my time reading the story than actual gameplay.

reroll ?? yes its a must if u want an easier time in higher difficulty (certain 6 stars is just too OP) but rerolling in this game is a hassle, so just go with whatever if u don't want to reroll.

considering this is only pve game, n the progression lvling up similar to arknight, i think getting a certain 6 star char is a must.

note : there is a rumor in reddit, "japan server" will have exclusive collab, might be better starting on jpn server.

i already dropped the game nothing to do anymore. if u want to know some OP char just go to reddit to see it.

Animae Arche | Japanese


quick review : sounds n graphic are amazing. i love every bgm in this game.

story : not that good, just boring one. no deep plot, just shallow story for fun.

newbie guidelines :
1. don't ever use your resources to R n N characters.

reason : R n N characters have bad stats progression n only have 2 skills. they also need the same amount of resources with SR SSR.

2 choose wisely to leveling or upgrade your characters.
if u messed up then you already doomed.
resources in this game is really really hard to get. once the event freebies and achievement quest reward all used up, in my calculation you need more than 3 weeks to lvling your char from 1 - 60. btw 60 is not max level.

3. you must have 2 teams mean you need 10 chars to be your main. yes it's a must. once again choose wisely. bird (fire or burn debuff), tiger (decrease armor up to 20%), dragon (bleed dmg), turtle (shield/barrier, turtle atker have increase dmg based at their active skill on how many shield they have 1shield = 100% up to 300% dmg). most of turtle atker are assasin type.

so build your team based on that image, the least is 3 same image in 1 team.

5 my opinion : tier S tiger n shield. tier A fire bird, tier B dragon. yes, bleed have the worst dmg on their char not just that, some boss null bleed dmg, and most boss have high resistance to bleed so it's hard to apply bleed.

6 chp 3-6 you can get SSR char drop from that stage, she is tanker.

7 focus your building team for pve purpose.. pvp is cruel n ruthless at high rank, win or lose depending on different team score ~1k score and also the reward not really good at the moment. just use your daily arena. best item at arena shop ticket for gacha. SR char is not worth it with that price.

Blue Archive | Japanese


EDIT : arena is not fun after latest MT, its rigged now. if u want 90% win, use pay tickets.. haa typical auto arena. use free ticket multiple lose to lvl 31 meanwhile I'm lvl 42 with 3 char 4 star 1 char 5 star.... used the 3th times pay ticket with gem i beat the rank 1 lvl 50 all 5 stars.. fuk game bye bye, drop it.

already play long enough.

1st the animation is very detail even though the character is chibi but when they shots a small or heavy weapon or taking dmg, they have different stagger.

2nd sound isn't that good, ultimately bgm is sucks, i turn off the sound bgm. some character didn't have line in battle or they are bugged. weapons sound also not really good, SMG, HG and AR have the same sound. all explosion have the same sound too (grenade, shotgun explosion, mortar, time bomb, mine)

3rd gameplay, i love the battle, you need to think how to use your skills, and picking the right character at certain stage. i play this game mainly because the battle.

this game have a very slow progress, because the limited stamina, low material drop rate and small exp. if you are f2p, you will be stuck at chp 5 who knows when you can clear it. because the lowest recommend lvl is 32 and when you reach lvl 20, all the stamina you got from free won't make you lvl up. i got tired of it so i spent a lot of crystal to advance. btw because the low drop rate, don't expect you can upgrade your equipment in a day. to get more free stamina, increase the dorm/cafe comfort by crafting the furniture.

my recommend is get fast to 4-2/4-4 so you can farm material upgrade and leveling. (4-5 have a power creep at the boss, it will be hard to get 3 star not recommended) if u want to get faster progress don't waste your stamina in hard mode below chapter 3.

and the last, currently this game is not generous, all the crystal we get right now is from PRE-CBT n celebration from playstore n IOS. get rid of it, you can only get 2 pull in a week. 20 crystal from daily quest n 100 crystal from weekly.

GRAN SAGA | Korean


yay another auto mmorpg [開心][開心][開心]

but the only good thing is graphic.. everything is horrible.

1st gameplay (already minus for me) are auto at everything and nothing new in the system. yes NOTHING NEW!! auto eq this, auto eq that to reach high score CP nothing complex.

2nd sound : uwahhhhhh the graphics are really good n details but the sounds is horrible, bad and lazy.. sword and hammer sfx are the same when hit, magic and gun sfx also the same, the only different is when the gun hit monster, its produce fast multiple sound. the last thing "BGM IS SHIT UGLY!!!"

3rd story : ewwww, a shounen meet mysterious lady with artifacts and mysterious power, got chased by bad guy everywhere.. generic!!!!!! and everywhere story!!!

graphic is great.

Arcana Tactics


well, this is auto chess RPG, the game still have bug like instant crash every new stage, and im still not pass the chp 1 got tired because the crash.

btw the gameplay is auto chess instead of pvp but you fight monster in a wave chp 1 have 10 wave idk the other chp.

Zold:out | Japanese


well i come here just want to said "only idiot saying this game is hard hahahahaha" seriously 2 days playing i aleeady unlock and can use skip ticket to the hardest grind dungeon.

too much grind ? lol this is literally the fastest game i maxing a character.

archer bad ?? pfft joke on you archer is the best unit in this game, you can solo everything with the twintail archer SSR, yeah SOLO!!! but you required to have full team to unlock 3 star.

why my rating low?? because the game didn't have anything in end game also so easy and so boriiiing. thats why not needed any guide or tier list.. get your twintail archer and dominate the entire game.

Assault Lily Last Bullet


the combat system is similar to sinoalice, its not my thing drop it. but alot of ppl love it..

if u like the combat system, definitely try this one because, the sound effect is godly, it's sooo satisfying when you atking the enemy. each weapons have different sound, even the gun sounds have the variety.

conclusion the sound effects is far superior from other.

edit : after the MT they give me back the pity rate but wow this developer is really shit, all my inscription (something like rune equipment) already legend and +9 from attributes atk + 3k turn into + HP 2.9k. and other inscription with atk +700 turn into +HP too all of it already legend. wow this developer is fuking shit. my combat power from 24k to 17k suddenly after the MT, i recommend don't spend any penny into this game n developer if u can stay away from this.

i hope qooapp delete this game and not allowed any future game from this liar developer/ publisher.

lesson learned chinese game is the worst, stay away from chinese game from now on.

edit : finally reach high rank but, i'm stuck at top 80 real time pvp, it's just impossible to increase again without the the character that you got from maximum TOP UP mission. (you cannot get her in gacha)
i give up the game, it's just impossible to win against her in the team if u don't have her.

her support skill is dmg and 100% bind/stun in large area for 1 turn. yeah too OP, definitely a MUST to compete in high rank. your rune or SSR are just worthless in front of her. P2W at its finest.

have potential being a good game but ruined with bad gacha rate and bad character skill, n here i can say there are 3 R character that have a far better skill than 80% or 90% of current SSR despite it's really hard to get SSR. the R character only lose in stats. i rarely complain about gacha but this game gacha is really horrible for f2p.

this is might be baseless and random but i got 1 SSR in 10 pull at 1st roll after buying gem each time and no ssr using free gem.

gameplay is kind of good, you cannot just randomly atking and leaving your range dps alone so it needs a little of thinking when facing range boss also beware of debuff from your own character, its stupidly really hurt.

btw you can set the voice in Japanese, after character creation, pick the 2nd option it will change to Japanese voice.

Seven Knights ll|Korean


here, the hype when they 1st announced it is real n great but the release is really disappointment.

this is just another auto korean mobile mmorpg, yeah same gameplay as v4 and other auto mmorpg out there.

complete disappointment.

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