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while Chinese, korea and the rest of the world upgrading and race who make the best action game with fluid movement, great combo and perfectly timed dodge/i-frame. at this rate I'm convinced, 98% Japanese game devs (let's left out SE&bandai) race to make the cheapest game.

ok let's keep it short, this is clearly a psp game titles "Valhalla knight" with upscale graphics to 720p and smaller dungeon.

ah btw you can get 4 UR in tutorial gacha.

hahaha, apparently in this game, u need to top up or being extremely lucky pulling an SS tanker otherwise u cannot finish chapter 1 in 1 day...

waste all my materials to a starter tanker to lvl 55 still cannot tank a midboss in chapter 1 for 4 second with SS healer..

btw no pre reg bonus or free roll, u need to get into 1-11 to get 20 roll.

the movement is so slow made me yawning every minute, the graphics is mehhh, and the story is just the worse mumbo-jumbo, we got power from fighting game ???? ah no, apparently they are rich famous idol/actress. where's the power coming ?? only the writer knows lol.

gun ?? i think they didn't need gun, all that lightning and fireball stuff is enough to 1hit kill enemies....

gameplay ? it feels like playing PUBG MOBILE in story mode, unresponsive, slow, easy shot.

F2P friendly ?? hmm i don't really know but i can bet this is one of those stingy devloper less than 10 pulls in 1 month if its calculated only from daily n weekly mission.

Aether Gazer | Global


edit : i never play PGR (punish gray raven), but then install it after doing everything in this game... got addicted playing PGR, come back to this game again for event but this game feels like trash on combat..

- no free camera
- auto lock target
- idiot AI always atk same target
- every boss always blinking or teleport to far away, lengthen the battle (without this shit i can finish the battle in less than 2 min)
- too easy fight.
- and most of all player movement speed is too slow like turtle walking.

maybe only the skill effect ? win ? but i doubt it too, the good skill battle animation is only jin ei others just eww too generic.

Towa Tsugai


edit :

QOOAPP IS SIHT, the game do not need vpn. get from other source.. the apk in here is corrupted.

TOP NOTCH !!! the ball animations and sounds when smashing and serve are so satisfying [害羞]

i love the Rolling thunder !!!!



hmm 3 days ? 5 days in ?? still wait for my connecting screen to everything i do.. change keepsake aka equipment "connecting" change character screen "connecting" level up "connecting".... korean games are dead, their programmer right now are utter shit.

my connection ? well no ! my ping in every mmo at asian server below 100 !!!

Neural Cloud | English


update rating, wow glad keep playing this game, the stage become better and more challenging especially the event stage...

great gameplay needed a great timing and position when fighting boss, sometimes got frustrated when lose my retry due pressing wrong choice lol. maybe because im f2p and my character still 4 star but i definitely love the boss fight n the progress.

still in my standing, story is boringggg. both event and story mode are boriiiinnnggg.

update review : BAD PROGRESSION.

new f2p player better stay out of the game.. last update makes the f2p wont go anywhere with the character's skill, rough calculations need more than 1 year to upgrade 1 character from skill lvl 1 to lvl 10 (maximum)

is skill lvl important?? BIG YES, cuz one of the important factor to increase COMBAT POWER..

bye bye tencent lover.

Dolphin Wave


hmm ok the girls, the graphics and animation are super awesome...

but the gameplay is too bland...

the most idiot thing in gameplay is the tournament mode, this mode is the same like uma musume tournament mode, basically VS AI and advancing to final.

the idiot thing is you cannot win this tournament with 1 team full of UR except ur level is 4 times or 5 times the recommended level and if ur 2nd team is SSR say goodbye to the final tournament.

why ? because the AI in final will deal dmg 1/2 of your maximum HP in each turn n u barely deal dmg to them, no matter your build on the team, even with all hp n def, AI will still deal 1/2 hp, with atk n crit, you will only deal 1/4 hp at best using ulti 2 times.

so to win this you need 2 full UR teams with the same or 2 times stronger than the recommended level.

YEAH BIG IDIOT SYSTEM.. if u don't top up, your 2nd team will be all SR or barely SSR.

ALICE Fiction


"WELCOME TO METAVERSE" thats the 1st sentence you read in the game from the ugliest man in the game.

1st graphic: its ugly, all the girls are not attractive and the boys are straight ugly. all girl's dress/costume are plain like a rag to clean the floor, the boys are ugly sht.

animation ?? rigid as broken robot dance.

2nd sound : apparently a slashing sound in metaverse is "brruuk, bruuakk, bdukk, gruuk" that news to me.

3rd gameplay : wanted to copy code seed but failed too deep, wanted to use skill system in FGO also failed so badly cuz it doesn't matter exist or not.

storyline in nutsel, 1ST TIME go into metaverse with a google lens cardboard, no attachment cable or anything.

in metaverse, met an unknown girl (similar design of "aurora" in .hack series) welcoming you only with gesture.
gaining vision met a fcking ugly professor as operator/GM n explaining a few stuff, suddenly a monster appear close to a veteran fighter and atking her but bcus you are the MC somehow you protected the veteran fighter with your body out of nowhere, outmoved the veteran fighter and the monster, ah yeah mc still not moved from the starting position since log in.

BAM ! you can't log out n go into a journey to find the way to log out.

BUT !! you can just take off the google lens cardboard to log out, lol. idiot truly an idiot story hahahahaha.

what kind of drug they smoke when creating this masterpiece hahahaha.

Grimlight | Global



this game is soo mysterious, mysterious enough that you can't play it since release.

Eternal Tree | Japanese


dunno man, this is the craziey gacha i ever see.. in every pool there are 3 different kind you can get

1 character
2 card
3 robot

and each of kind have their own SSR so good luck getting your fav char or strongest char.

for me its not worth cuz the game just your usual turn based without any additional mechanic like soul tide.

wow, a high quality game, i love the graphics, CG n the sound effects in this game sooo good. just play up to finish the tutorial and unlock gacha.

time to change my review...

gameplay at arena/exercise in high tiers are complete bullshit, full of shitty rigged match.

- my sirius have 100% crit chance, cannot crit a single enemy in certain of 5 match,
- my ginga have full status acc set, max at skill 2, 6 out of 10 match cannot land a single debuff.
- my grace have 150% crit chance wifth max skill 2. have the same like sirius, 5 out 10 matches cannot land a single crit to enemies..


disaster, this game is disaster, control is clunky, monster 1 or 2 shot you, purple weapon 1 shot full health.

graphic is fuking horrible, my phone is ROG but got a massive fps drop in all high setting whenever got to new area, new enemy from afar, or the wall shrink.

connection is utterly shit, from SEA region, connect to SEA server fluctuates at 250-700 ping... WOW !!! my worst ping connected to NA server in other game is 190-210 ping, this game just WOW !.

graphic ???? hahaha even at all high setting the graphic looks like SNES game, you cannot even look at wire that walling you from walking, the house wall is soo shit even 3 years old kid can do better at drawing n coloring. they only care to make the paid character, your own original character looks like a doodle.

ohh the sound !! every weapon type have similar sound the different only the fire rate, holy shit !! oh wait the claymore swing's sound and knive's sound is the same too hahahaha too stupid.

materia/magic ? absolutely terrible, terrible control and hard to tap, and hard to hit, useful ?? NO !! 1 million times betrer use your fist rather than this shit.

WAITING FOR THIS, what i got only shit battle royal.

wow, after everything, finally i can play... this game is good and all but unfortunately the battle just a straight copy from other famous game, no other gimmick just a copy paste. storyline?? the same as anime but with additional lame evil character that wants to play with rimuru.

the other thing is this game is the stingiest game ever i played. no compensation when they mess up so bad, the reward for the 1st event of the game is basically "TRASH !"

yeah a trash that you can easily got from daily and a trash character that never ever be used. seriously the best reward is 4 star benimaru ?? that octagram baazar shit, you can't get all of it from this event.

at least make the reward for forging, lvl up n evolution weapon & armor, dipshit developer. that material is fuking hard to get. we don't need another trash 4 star or character material, just give those weapons materials fuking idiot.


conclusion 1st event reward is ALL TRASH ! then more trash in the next event, not worth for playing drop it.

after playing for a while, the game isn't really attached to me. the story itself isn't that good, well maybe cuz i skip most of the dialogue, too much short scene n short dialogue between quest, yes every new quest either story or side quest will have this annoying short scene made me drop it. somehow i cannot stand it.

the graphic n action gameplay is awesome, just need the developer added more difficulty dungeon and its perfect. i am strongly recommend the game for one who like YS series gameplay. it's super cool ! far better than ys IX.

the music is lovely n calming, for boss music's you can feel the tension. sound effect is also nice.

for recommend char, get the "5 star light element long hair blonde (name : mildred)" her ultimate is OP, the strongest ultimate right now.

also don't bother invest in any 4 star DPS, they suck, low dmg n useless skill even with elemental advantage they still suck !! super weak. for 4 star invest the one with support skill.

currently you can win everything with the 5 star mildred n two 4star support char.

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Should change game name game name : ONLY EVERLOADING !! literaly still on loading in arena match after finish cooking fried rice... what a shit game. Read Note
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