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This is a good game and definitely would recommend for TenSura fans the only thing I feel is quite a let down is that you are essentially forced to pull for characters just to advance the story even in the 1st chapter thats why i marked it down on the value otherwise its good. i also did not look up guides or hints so I could be wrong about this info just how I experienced it.

London Labyrinth


Its hard for me to really rate the game without a global version but I love the aesthetic, the visuals are pretty and it feels like a very wholesome game. Cant comment on story but the character designs are cute, if you are hoping to wing it, sadly its not possible as after 5 incorrect guesses you start to lose time on finding the mystery objects. I also understand they cant put pictures instead of words just a shame i cant play it yet but still lovely game it seems

I played for a little while and loved every second it feels extremely fresh and just really need an English version or English language setting. Even though I know I can play this one without proper guides its a bit tricky.

Brilliant f2p game to the point you actually want to spend money to support the game than get stronger. Couldn't care less about the censor as everything else is great.

Found out about this anime from the crossover with Danmachi and now am obsessed. :D

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