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I'm not very familiar with the Detective Conan franchise but this is a solid game that is fun to play. The game has a multitude of game modes to play. As you have a story mode which requires you to clear the levels and unlock a story. An event mode which requires you to clear a level at different skill levels to win cards and prizes. Also a survival mode which you play a continuous stage to earn large points and gain a ranking position. Graphics are great and run smoothly. There is also a Gatcha so you can win better game cards so you can earn larger points once the cards are skilled up, but that is not necessary to play the game overall. The down side to this game is the adverts are too frequent, and I don’t see a need for a stamina element which restricts gameplay. Apart from that, this is a great game to play. And you are going to need some skill and lighting fast reflexes to clear those levels.



This is a fun game to play. It’s a cross between a 90's style 2d Shoot Em Up and Rhythm Game. The best way to describe the gameplay as a mix of Sidearms meets BanG Dream! Girls Band Party. The game has a large selection of music to play, mainly of the Electronic Dance variety. Each song has a different background, enemies and rhythm patterns to play. The gameplay and graphics are fast and run smoothly with little lag. The rhythm part of the game needs more sensitivity, as the notes usually don't respond to your finger taps. You can fix the problem by adjusting the note speed and response settings. I found a low note speed of 1, and a response setting of around -0.5, 0 and 0.5 gave the best results. So you will have to fiddle around with the rhythm settings to get the best results. I was able to get up to 95% of notes in rhythm play mode. Overall this is a fun game, which is an odd mix but actually works well. And should keep you entertained for a fairly long time.

It's a great game to play, with cool graphics and engrossing characters and storyline. It's all about the music with 5 individual bands and soon a 6th band. What's good about this franchise, is there are so many different aspects to it. Follow the fan shows, watch the Anime and attend the real live stage performances. It's almost a game within a game, if you take into account the trading card game as well. I gave a 4 for gameplay as there is still an issue with lag, during the live game mode. If that issue was fixed I would give it a 5 for gameplay.

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