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Not a fan of the series, and I think the gameplay could be more interesting if we the players could have more control over the battles. We should not only be able to tap on the two buttons just to shoot torpedos and beams. The loading problem is quite serious too. Would only recommend it to hardcore fans.

Azur Lane | English


To be honest, azur lane is not the first fleet-girls game that I have played (the first was Kancolle) but it surely is my favourite one. It already beated Kancolle imo as it does not have bullshit navigation system where you can only hope for the compass girl to point towards a spot that you favoured :) Additionally, azur lane does not need too much grinding as you can easily upgrade your ship (though sometimes its annoying that you don't have the materials to raise the star level of your ship). With so much collaborations with other IP, I hereby announce that azur lane is the best fleet game in store. Period.



When will there be an Aqua version so that I can bully her all day :)

Traditional RPG game with easy control. The time-leap theme is interesting too.

The game is really a fan-service for conan fans. Like all runner games, the gameplay is very straight forward and easy, even for children in my opinion. However, it would be a good game for you to kill time when you are bored. Would recommend to conan fans, or parents who would like to seek a game for their kids to play.

Wonder Gravity


Cool ideas of making use of the gravity. The transition scenes in the middle of the battle are really cool and surprisingly did not make me feel dizzy. The special moves are really fancy too. Qutie good in my opinion.

I see narberal, I download

What more can i say... ship girls are the best[厲害]

Aurora Legend | English


Just another regular game that you will probably open twice a day. Skip.

Itsudemo Hataraku Saibou


The battle mechanism seems a bit like Battle Cat (though thats fine for me), but overall quite interesting I will say. Hope the gatcha isn't too toxic :) [開心]

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