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Otome boyfriends don't cheat~
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Otome boyfriends don't cheat~
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Purrfect Tale


the game won't work, I tried it on android ver. 5 and 9 and keeps crashing. the devs "solution" was to try in another device, which I did and had the same issues. the art style looks cute and they're really pushing ads on social media but apparently I'm not the only one having troubles with the game. A real shame

the gacha rates are savage but if you've played the japanese version you already knew (although I get the feeling the rates are worse in the English version) the character design is gorgeous and the game is playable enough for f2p players.

The main appeal for me is the MC, with more personality and assertiveness than older voltage games. The love interests have interesting personalities and the level of smuttiness really hits the spot. Along with Ayakashi Romance Reborn and Samurai love ballad party, CoD has become one of my favorite voltage games

Genshin Impact


all I want to know is how to change the dub language >> I would love to hear the original voices

playing both the english version and this one, there's some difference interface-wise and the japanese version is slightly behind.
Personally I prefer this voice acting
I don't know if anyone else has the same issue but I couldn't set a birthday date so RIP my bday gifts/messages [大哭]
Needless to say a lot of content is expensive and the gacha rates are not forgiving even for paying players. But the game is addicting and the art is lovely.[色色]

the english translation is a little bit wonky but the story is quite interesting, it has a brave MC that speaks her mind. Prepare yourself for bittersweet endings even while playing the "happy ending". the gameplay is pretty chill, your choices won't change the outcome, once you finish one ed, you'll get the next one automatically. it has a lot of ads but it didn't bother me. So far I finished all of Ewan's endings but I hope they give him another chapter bc it was kinda sad [大哭]

It was a really good game, sexy and interesting but it's no longer playable. a real shame, I hope all SWD they closed are available someday on story jar [大哭]

it was a really nice game with beautiful art. sadly it just closed and it's no longer playable

no longer available sadly, let's hope solmare bring back this games to story jar someday :(

A story-rich otome game, F2P friendly, if you like historical drama this is a game for you, prepare the tissues for some of the routes especially for the 2nd act routes

this game had a bad timing (at least on his english version) bc of the association with the usa president didn't sat well with international players, but the story is really good, the main character is intelligent, more assertive and less of a doormat than other arithmetic games. The stories are more spicy (specially the gacha) [開心]
Dean is a cinnamon roll, Aoi needs his own route, there's so much potential in this game and its characters I hope Arithmetic would pick it up again [不滿]

The story is really entertaining, you could easily see it made into an anime adaptation. if you're into japanese folklore, mythological characters and adventure you'll enjoy the game.
My only issue with this game is the low romance level, Idk if voltage is planning on releasing more chapters of each character to develop the romantic aspect, their past lives etc.[害羞]

Crash Fever | Global


the character design is really good, I love the fact they use historical/mythical figure's names for the units and their atacks. the music with an electro feel is really fitting.
adictive and entertaining. way too focused on cooperative gaming for my personal taste (I prefer solo games)
note that if you have an older android system the game can crash sometimes (still very much playable tho)

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I wish more people gave "Another Prince" from abracadabra games, a chance. Vampires + fairy tales + an intelligent MC + smuttiness? yes please
The main problem with abracadabra is they don't offer transfer options between devices, so if you have an issue with your phone or an update error, you lose your game. I wish they fixed that [難過]
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