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All is fair in love and war.
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All is fair in love and war.
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Technically, Idoly Pride in Idolmaster cover.
It's a gameplay fusion of Shinymas and CUE!
It fixed all what lacks in Idoly Pride.
The songs are not as catchy as Idoly Pride nor Shinymas, maybe because it's meant to be a group of amateurs as they're just school idols, but regardless, it got the groove.
There's no need to reroll for produce idol as there's a free SSR produce selection ticket x2. One after the tutorial while the other is after you've completed the missions.
If you're hellbent on rerolling then go reroll for support idol cards as they're our backbone for producing idols.

[賣萌]just what to expect from an idol game from Bandai. very good.

Idoly Pride | English


Favorite idol game so far. Very relaxing with great graphics, music, music videos, and continuation of the story from the anime. It also offers a dating sim event.

It's very confusing and not user-friendly at all. Do the devs expect that every user is techies and wanted a flashy interface?
Video is always delayed.
Sounds are sometimes static.
There are many censored words that it doesn't make sense since it's not a kids' app.
The games are laggy and boring.
If anything, discord used to be simple, which was its prime, but now it went downhill.

This game is a pay2win type as you need to purchase an item just to open the extension of the event shop (most games part 2 and 3 shop opens after reaching a quota) and you need to do it twice which cost 2000 xtals each so 4000 xtals so that's a fifty bucks per event.
The story mission only gives 20 xtals per clearance, then you get additional 10 from mission clearance of it, but we need 2800 for a multi, so you can't really save enough for the next banner. if you want to save up enough, then go buy their monthly pass, which costs 10 bucks (twice expensive compared to other game's monthly pass). i know that I shouldn't compare as each their own, but this game is technically a PRINCESS CONNECT CLONE, so why can't they be user-friendly like it?

Dolphin Wave | Japanese


Technically a Kandagawa Jet Girls mobile version.
Just as expected from the same developers of Shinobi Masters.

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