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awsome game, especially for manga fans. sadly roster is rly small, but game just started so. . i hope for ssr Riria soon.

seihi no uta global goooooo

game is like improved version of FGO, but in BB universe. also it just started so there is rly small roster if characters (especially SS). for me bigest con is that Mai is onyly S character, when in booth manga ang game she was rly powrrful, so she should be SS, but now here coms biggest pros: every character can become SS. You just need character fragments to evolve it. Drop rate isnt so bad, and music iis awsome.

P. S.
i hope they allow us to summon Dark Mai and Female Ragna from Opening.



game is rly addictive. greate music, awsome arts, drop rate isnt so low, and its not true you need to spend momey on everything. i didnt spend a cent and have tons of fun

awsome game. hard to dont compare to HI3, but overall game is diffrent. even graphics is more adoult and dark. game is harder, dont have unlimited evede, male characters, and rly nice QTE, but some ppl may like combo system from HI3 more.

its worth to at least give game a chance. it have soundtrack and cv from anime and drop rate is rly high. also finishing events is possible even with e- luck, becouse you can get characters from missions and upgrade them to better versions.

awsome game. nice graphics, music, and vc from oryginal jp anime version. gameplay is rly fun and eassy. drop rate isnt so low and you get ticket to 4star character rly often so there is no need to buy anything. i highly recommend this game especially to novel and anime fans, but others gonna have fun too.

Dragon Break


game is nice and have awsome graphics.

Azur Lane | English


Bismarck is best waifu.

I love Garnet and Yshtola.

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gatcha so i got hi nu i 1st pull but cant use ut as playeble character. its just equipement. how can i get playeble characters?  Read Note
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