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The game is kinda basic but really good. Tbings I don't like about the game is that it is full of optional ads, but to make almost any progress you have to watch them also the game usually closes by itself for no reason and makes you lose progress.

#GAME_OF_MAY I think this game is incredibly good because first of all because there is almost every character from the anime, the voice acting is amazing and the mechanics are really well thought. The game is really addicting but it gets a little boring after you've played a lot but there are many events to try new cards and decks that you dont have. At the end I think this game is really addicting and good if you understand how to play.

My Hero Academia


The game is just horrible: It's an auto-fight game, the turorial is reaaaally long and I've heard that a lot of chinese games just want to steal your information, acces your camera and contacts, etc.



It's amazing but I would love a english version

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