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It's an amateur game, like really. Even the seiyûs are (but they're good!). It's just an RPG fight game, it's kind of boring but I personally really like the story and the girls. I don't think I will recommend this game cause yeah, he's boring and if you don't speak japanese (at least a little, you're gonna get easily bored). And yes, it's kinda of pay to play.
Bonus to the art, the story, the seiyûs and the BGM (BGM are my weak point)



I play 47 HEROINES since the first release day (and I finally make a 'review') and I don't know why this game got bad review, for mostly stupid reasons. Just because a game is in different language doesn't mean it's bad. Just learn the language or don't judge for this.
So yeah, 47 HEROINES is a 3D RPG about 47 girls who harness mysterious powers. Our precious girls must wield against monsters that threaten humanity, wow!
Overall, the game is a good RPG. The gacha system is SUPER generous and probably the best, the BGM mmmh...! A pleasure for my ears. And the story? Good! And the girls are the perfect waifus! Honestly, even if you don't understand japanese, 47 HEROINES is very easy to play. Give this a try!

Nothing much to say but I kinda like this game. Such a weird ambiance. But overall it's nice!

CODE:SEED | Japanese


The game is not bad but it's a pay-to-play. Yup. Be ready for the sh*tty gacha. With low lvl you can't complete all the missions.
Gacha is bad, gacha is evil!

CUE! - See You Everyday


Wholesome game. Seiyuu's voices are just a pleasure to hear.



What a shame! The game could be better if it wasn't pay to play (>gacha).

Bullet Break


Cute game, very moe. Nice BGM, gacha system is not bad. I plan to do a review of the game later but actually I recommend it.

Horaku no Carneades


The game is not bad, not spectacular but not bad. The storyline is pretty well written, art is good, the BGM is very cool and the gacha system is very good but the main problem is they're too much lags! The game is constantly crashing and they're no backup so you need to start all over again for complete the lvl

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I mean it's yuri so of course it's good! Read Note
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