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oh hi there I'm just your average idol anime and rpg game fan
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oh hi there I'm just your average idol anime and rpg game fan
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Seven Knights Revolution


decent game, the game has auto stuff but they very clearly mark ur quests and where you need to go so you dont need to aimlessly wander around trying to progress in the story. the darker skin tones actually look decent in game and arent ashy asf. the graphics are amazing and im comfortably enjoying it on the highest settings on my ipad. idk the story line because i dont know korean. the combat is ok. the value on the game is up to you guys to decide

lets fking goooo

GRAN SAGA | Japanese


i rsally wanna like this game, the character designs are amazing, and from what ive heard its f2p friendly and you can get a ton of skins for free. like i really do wanna like this, but i really can't when the auto feature is so in your face. it gets annoying going to a quest destination with auto off and then the auto is automatically triggered, like pls add in a setting or something that turns the feature off for good

basically what an atelier mobile game could be (unlike the other garbage atelier mobile game we got). ive been somehwat following the game ever since it was originally called "A project" back in like early-mid 2020, and the game's actually pretty good ^^

graphics: they're pretty good for a game released right now, the models are really detailed and cool, a few extra details added, and the character models would look like something straight out of a jrpg console game.

sound: the music for the game is really good, the music is something that would come out of an atelier game, one of my favorites is the battle song, it sticks to the calm and laid back vibe of the game without sounding out of place (hopefully i explained that well lmao) but when you start off the game it ends up getting overshadowed by the loud attack sounds and stuff.

gameplay: the game is sorta like an arpg game? each stage is a pretty huge area with monsters, chests, puzzles, and wood and crystals to collect, and outside of the stages, you're in a small little town in the middle of the ocean (literally) and everyone, including you, are chibis, you can walk around, collect stuff, go into some houses and stuff (although the places have a fixed camera angle) and talk with people. the chibi models are pretty detailed, and you can change how you look. and about the gacha, you have to defeat area 2 (the cave with the spider boss) to unlock it. there's a 50x gacha where you get a SSR/5* character on the last 10 pull if you're unlucky (like me). the rates for SSR/5* characters is 2.5 precent which isn't that bad, the character roster is also pretty small (there's only 6 characters, they're definitely gonna add more though, that is if the playerbase is large enough to sustain the game) meaning it's pretty easy to get your favorite character, the game has a ton of other features that i can't really explain since it's in japanese and i can't understand it.

the storyline is n/a and i just explained why in the gameplau section

value: that's up to whoever decides to read this to decide, if you hate tecent though, you might not wanna spend money since the game's published by them basically

final thoughts: this game, imo, is one of the more decent games that came out this year, it's one of those games where i spend hours on it grinding and stuff, and i really like the effort they put into it

Deep Insanity ASYLUM


the graphics look like toram onlines, which is bad because that literally came out years ago lmfao

basically a reskin of their other game w/other franchises

Time Defenders


not optomized properly. literary every time i press confirm on an option the game crashes, also very buggy.

finally, it's still pretty scummy they region locked this version of the game though (like seriously, why is every version of this game region locked)

hopefully the game works now that I've switched to a newer phone

GRAN SAGA | Korean


ok so first, this review is very subject to change. my only issue is how determined the developers are to keep anyone out of korea to not play the game :/ first is making sure u need a korean phone number for closed betas, and now ip blocking the game and blocking popular vpns. yall advertised a global release, either release the global version soon or get dragged for ip blocking the game



idk if its me but damn this game requires a lot to run lmao

boring load simulator. if you get disconnected during the tutorial, all you can do is watch the game endlessly load

alr i managed to get into the game, i think it was crashing mostly because of maintenance or smth, and there's no vpn required, the real game like this that requires a vpn is konosuba fantastic days, qoo app rlly needs to stop lying like this because it scares away players because of the vpn bs.

it's amazing, it hasn't even been an hour since i started playing and i alr have like 10 3* characters, idk if it's just my luck or,,,

if you wanna play a game with constant maintenances this is the gane to do so

they need to fix the gacha schedule lmao

Genshin Impact


terrible anniversary. the game deserves the 1* rating on google play

if your a longtime player of love nikki who either just ended up leaving due to how pay to win the game is rn, or are just someone who want's another LN game and is still actively playing LN, this is perfect for you! Shining nikki to me is basically if love nikki was in 3d and had fancy UI upgrade and basically changed everything about love nikki.

graphics: the graphics are absolutely stunning 🤩 one of the things i really like is how everything on the outfits has it's own texture and how detailed everything is to the littlest bow or the littlest earring. i also like how even if it is in 3d it's stil reminiscent of the og love nikki artstyle. i also like how the art is an upgrade compared to the og love nikki artstyle, it just feels new and fresh compared to the og love nikki artstyle.

sound: i think it's spectacular! the music is great (especially the music that plays in the title screen...) it's so majestic and magical, and it's just really nice. the voice acting is great, and the voice actors did a great job!

gameplay: the gameplay is kinda like love nikki with the style battles, but instead of you spamming random skills you have to press the right one or else you miss. everything is pretty much the same with a few features here and there, the gacha is pretty generous even if all new outfits are pavilions ;-; and you can get some really pretty outfits for free [開心]

story: since the game is in traditional chinese and I'm not gonna spend my time translating every line in thr story, it's a N/A until i find out what the story is

worth: i think if your a longtime love nikki player, this game would be fun, and totally worth it, but if you just jumbled upon this game, i doubt it would be really that worth it, but i say give it a try! the game is fun and it's a really good upgrade of love nikki.

tbh this is my opinion honkai impact 3rd white knights plesse don't come at me i like hi3 but it does feel lackluster compared to this

but ehem, where do i even begin with this game? it's fluffing amazing, and I honestly think it's better than honkai! well then, lemme get into my own opinions on the game:

1. login: to those who are having trouble logging in due to it only allowing weibo and qq users, it's actually pretty simple. on the app, when you get to the login screen, just go to the third tab on the right near the question sign, enter the password you use, and after that since you need to turn in your real name and id number, just go on and choose a name and id number and put those in, but after you do that you have to set up your profile, you are gonna have to put in a chinese name, meaning you are gonna have to translate the name you want to have into chinese, or else it won't let you into the game, after you enter a chinese name, it will let you into the game and you can play.

2. size and how much storage it takes: this is the part where i hate honkai. MiHoYo decided to make it so that you have to download the hd assets, which not only takes up a ton of space, but it also takes a while to download. this game has an initial download about the size of the Bandori initial download (if you choose the mini download that only installs all the important assets.). meaning it's about 1-2gb of storage, which is great because it's not gonna be a space hog unlike honkai.

3. graphics: i love the graphics! it's like I'm looking at a beautiful peice of polished Quartz! it just looks so pretty to look at, especially if a character is casting their ultimate attack!

4. sound: i love the bgm in the game! it sounds intriguing and just relaxing to listen to! it fits the scenes and I'd love to download the games soundtrack (if it does have one.)

5. story: so, i can't really judge the story since 1. im the 'skip every story scene' type of person and 2. i can't understand simplified Chinese.

6. battle system: this is one of my favourite parts about the game. instead of it being you running to the enemy and spam attack (looking at ya hi3) dodge some attacks, rinse and repeat, when you get hit critically, you stop attacking, and your character usually falls on the ground for a few seconds before getting back up. also, you can literally stop time by dodging a mobs attacks, meaning you have a window of opportunity to preform an attack on the monster without risking getting hit.

7. gacha and characters: even if i just began the game ii lready have 1 A and one S rank character. i don't really know but i think you can get another S rank character through the login bonuses or just gacha for the login bonus character. i also like how there aren't just 10 forms of one character, but only 1-2 other forms of the character. in your first ten draw you can get an A rank character, i just so happened to get the A rank version of the character you start off as (she also looks like Hatsune miku so that's another bonus) but the gacha rates are pretty fair, and you can exchange the gold tickets you get for gacha tickets!

8. value: if your not playing hi3 but want to play a game like it, i recommend you try this! you get a ton of free stuff (including an S character ticket) and it's enjoyable to play! i hope this game comes out globally, because i can see it going up against hi3! like i said, i honestly think this is better than hi3 in every way! but i still do like hi3, but hi3 really is lacking compared to this. well then, i hope whoever's reading this enjoyed my review on the game, and i hope you have a good day!

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whoa the difference in quality between the japanese version of this game and the taiwanese version is staggering. the taiwan version has decent graphics but the ui looks a bit outdated while this one has a clean UI Read Note
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