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a big stain on the franchise, i'm really disappointed they chose to make such a game, they litteraly copied a shit concept and applied it to DC…i hope this game never makes it past a few months

MEOW | Japanese


Unfortunately, it seems the game's shutting down…feelsbadman

Game's great

Cross x Logos


I have genuinely no clue what i'm doing and I'M LOVING IT !!! f*** yeah !!!

Night Zero: Mistiltein


Overall a good game, fights are somewhat originals with their mechanics, tho if you've played browndust before you'll see the common points; gacha isn't bad (?)…or you can pull fairly often and scenario wise, it holds itself, good job good game.

Ikki Gakuen


A basic gacha game, not really worth mentioning to be honest, really underwhelming

Brown Dust | Global


Really good strategy game, kinda like playing chess but with way more moves to think through. Gacha isn't bad either, the game's not greedy so you'll be able to pull fairly often and the mechanics are interesting to say the least, 1000 IQ game

Summoners War: Sky Arena


Honestly, this game will make you hate rng like you've never have but it's really well buuld, balance between the monsters is way above average and being a p2w won't get you anywhere, overall would definitely recommend.

Dungeon Maker


They finally added it !!! The game is great, a lot of progress was made by the devs' since it's release, you won't get bored of it 👍

Stella Maiden | Korean


the devs are working really hard on it so please, mind giving it a try ^^



although I have unfortunately lost my account since I didn't bind it, I must say that the game is really good, it feels really smooth when transitioning from one menu to another, the ost is perfect and the gameplay is complete. 10/10 would have played again…



actually a very decent game, the mechanics are interesting to say the least, and the gacha is/seems really generous. Overall it's good, it calls for strategy and the art is decent. 👍

Warship Girls | Global


first issue right off the bat, during the tutorial, if you quit the first battle too early with a damaged ship, you'll have to restart. then it'll tell you to repair your ship and then go back in battle but it doesn't match up with the repair time. pretty broken for a beginning…

saved me from boredom, thank ya' !!!



art is pretty neat, story ain't bad and the game is overall generous, the rates are good so no real complain here. Fairys are an interesting mechanic.

the art is definitely good and it feels refreshing; the story doesn't seem bad but i don't speak chinese so i don't understand a thing. so far, i would recommend it.

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