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Combat has been changed, which i regret a bit, since it's now turn based and colors don't seem to matter much anymore ?
The art is decent, i guess the graphism were improved but it's been a while so i can't quite tell the difference for now.
The gacha is very average. They changed the rarity of some characters to higher ones, leaving only a few lower tier characters. Overall you have more high tier characters than low ones and i'm not found of it... That and the first *10pulls they give you can be rerolled infinitely but you'll still need 2000 currency to actually get it, otherwise it's left on hold, not found of that either.
I play without the sound and i skipped the story so far, so i won't comment on it.
Still, gotta give credits to the devs for not shutting down and giving up on the game; plus they didn't resort to using copy/paste commments made by chinese bots to artificially rate their game 5*, unlike a certain other qooapp game *cough.
Congrats for the release, hope it'll work well this time.

Echocalypse | SEA


As bad as it can get. The gameplay’s trash - auto combat with skills where stats like speed and such don’t matter, lazy as duck - the grind’s even harder than in the cbt to level up your characters, the gacha’s very greedy since you barely get anything to pull and the balance’s shit, ssr only or you’re ducked. Only the art is decent, which is a real shame considering everything else is god awful.
Oh and also, they’ve locked some QOL features behind a level (reach lvl 40 to skip skill animations ingame) and a paywall (buy X pack to get x3 and more features).
Pieces of shit.

Imagine overhyping a game for years and making it as shitty as possible...
The gameplay is shit and inconvenient
The gacha sucks ass and only ssr characters are worth building in the long run cuz any lower rarity can't be upgraded as far as SSR ones; ducking stupid
The only reason you'd even want to play this trash is for the "l2d" art, which isn't even that alluring (considering that's the point of the game in the first place).

Garbage. Pure. Raw. Garbage.

Path to Nowhere





Very much similar to shitknights with both it’s pros and cons, which is a shame as it feels more refreshing than the ”original”. Either games aren’t worth taking seriously as everything seems to be centered around the higher rarity characters, they’re made op compared to the others etc... A decent distraction with decent enough gameplay but it still has the bad sides of shitknights too.

To give it a scale, the rewards in this game are shittier than in dyslite... Greedy ass devs with greedy ass gacha. The story’s the all time generic ”we made a very serious scenario to balance out the horny designs” similar to gfl and al. Only the graphics are good, since the gameplay is far from innovative and has the shittiest skills ideas-balance and rates i’ve seen so far. It’s a grinding hell unless you spend cash and suddenly everything’s so easy it’s a real shame.

Planet Master


The game’s not dead anymore, the dev’s working on it again as it’s the only one still popular.

Demigod Engine


Can't play it because the resolution of the game somehow doesn't match my tablet and now i can't validate my name, the button is off-screen...just dumb, really dumb.

Dislyte | Global


You guys really need to improve the game.
- all of the rewards are cheap as hell, making it stupidly grindy right away, why the f’ would i clear a hard level for 20 crystals when leaving a ducking review on google play gives me 10 times that...
- the level 10 of each dungeon only granting 4-6 stars equipement sucks ass, it should be 5-6
- 120 pulls for pity on the gacha is bullshit, especially considering how hard it is to get 10 pulls in the first place
- the energy system is cheap too, try to grind more then run out of energy and levelling up only grants you a small amount of energy back like f’ you i guess ??
- the ”light only” summon disks aren’t worth shit, considering you can still get light espers with regular summons
- the equipement system, although based on an overall good and efficient template, is somehox worst than any other game that uses it too. Using 2-2-2 isn’t possible which sucks and figuring out which slots can offer something else than flat stats was strangely confusing
- the events are really cheap too and forcing players to reach lvl 35 within a week is just bad, you’re telling people to rush your game...
- the pre’ reg’ rewards being delayed over 5 days is a really cheap and lame way to get people to open the game for more than 1 day
- having the most fun gameplay limited to once a day’ sometimes even more, especially when they only give cheap and misleading rewards is very disappointing
- why are almost all of the percentages, be it for damage or effect proc rate, so damn low, like barely anything goes beyond 100/110, even that part is cheap
- why in the hell did you make creating a guild cost 500 crystals !?!? they’re stupidly hard to get and you made joining a guild a hard requirement to progress in the missions !! This is utterly retarded and i can’t believe that went through the beta testing...
- bounties and expeditions are too limited, they don’t bring enough to justify such a hard limitation
- not so important but i hope we can get other voices than english soon, they’re not that bad but some of them are really annoying

Overall the game’s not bad, the music’s really nice n’ all but there’re just too many stupid/poorly optimised designs and ideas, another beta could’ve been done for such a result. i’m hoping to see some improvements or the game’s just gonna be a pain to play even though it’s got a nice and original design...

Heck you should’ve just looked at sw to figure out what’s good and what’s bad, since it’s the same base game basically

- you know the legendary esper lady on a bike ? yeah well at the end of her animztion, her nose goes slightly up for god knows why and i can’t unsee it now

This game reeks of the shitty idle game's design, nothing new here.
Maybe someday qooapp will get a good exclusive game but this one's not it.
The art is "good" because it's lewd and that's about the only "positive" thing about it.
Gameplay is the classic idle style that belongs 10 years back. Ui is a mess. There's a battlepass AND some kind of vip system (although it only seems to grant more rewards, kinda like a second bp ?). You're not drowned with pop ups of things to buy so I guess it's a good point too, for now… The gacha is ridiculous, the game just released and there are already 7 different banners, can't say anything about the rates but i'm guessing it's nothing amazing. Overall it really just feels like a nutaku game without the s** parts and that's most certainly not a compliment.
Edit : The sound quality is terrible, this game really feels like it belongs 10 years back

Rum's Spring & Dungeon


If you're into idle games, this one's for you.
Unlike all the other unity based idle games, it uses an even more simple fighting system which consists of sending your units and watching them hit enemies as small figures. you can see the damage dealt and received by selecting one of your unit.
I didn't the game was bad per say, although really lacking in about everything but there's this one thing…you can upgr de your unit's abilities with gold and each upgrade has a decreasing rate of succeeding. Now it wouldn't be much of an issue if failing to upgrade set the skill back by one level (fail to up to 5, lowers to 4). and guess what, you can boost your rate chance with the paid currency…
it would be fine as a simple idle game but there's no daily login reward, combat is fine as it fits the game's style but it's still very simple and the upgrade system is really lacking. it'd be fine for a first game but I'm unaware if that's the case.

New player rewards are shit. Gacha is pure raw garbage, you better pay to get anything. I'm getting rid of this shit. A waste of time.

Dunno why but playing on emulator kinda breaks the game, scrolling using the mouse makes everything dispear in menus...
Aside from that, pretty good game. The gameplay isn't new but it's good anyways, turn based with skill cards. The art style is good, as you would expect from any gacha nowadays. The gacha itself is meh, i can't tell if the rates are actually good or not; same thing for the currency, need to wait for the release to judge if they'll give some easily or not. Quest system is the same as arknights except you won't need to wait forever to get ONE reward - i haven't seen if there was a "collect all" button - and the rewards themselves seem decent i guess. The sound and music are fine, not much to say about them. Some characters are missing voicelines i think, that needs to be verified. The balance seems alright but it's hard to tell for now. One downside would be that the transition between each turn in combats feels slow, even with x2. Overall a good game, do give it a try when it's released.
Edit as i forgot a major downside : beating the first 10-ish levels is stupidly hard as you can't farm the material used to give exp to your characters and the enemies quickly rise in level. Until you manage to unlock the farm materials levels after beating a certain boss, your only choice is to redo some levels over and over again, without auto cuz it also comes after said boss...very frustrating when you wan to progress quickly and with a "perfect score" in the first try.

Another one of those "made with unity" game. The same graphic style as any other. The game isn't bad per say but it lacks originality, if you've played another game made with that engine before you'll feel the same. Some characters don't have voices, meaning they're not important I guess ? Also there's a vip system and gacha isn't too bad ? Overall it feels too generic to be worth keeping for me but it's not the worst

wasn't expecting a global release at all, still I enjoyed the japanese version so i'm glad it's here

a big stain on the franchise, i'm really disappointed they chose to make such a game, they litteraly copied a shit concept and applied it to DC…i hope this game never makes it past a few months

MEOW | Japanese


Unfortunately, it seems the game's shutting down…feelsbadman

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Beware, they use bots to rate and comment 5 stars, must not be a good game for that alone... Read Note
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