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Like! Like! Like! These things must be said 3 times 2333. I really like rhythm games and this one caught my attention. It's a good game, just that I don't understand a lot of Japanese so I don't understand the story QAQ. Anyway would recommend to friends and family.

Guitar Girl


[開心] I really liked this. Sounds are great, the gameplay is simple but theres definitely content that makes you wanna play. Graphics really made me want to screenshot repeatedly just to show off to my best friend 23333. Each person has their own stories about how they came to be fans and there's a chatbox too hehe. I keep looking forward to the other characters' messages. Hope to see more content in the future!!

Cinderella gone dark 23333. Although I don't quite understand the whole story, I believe that Cinderella was replaced by her stepsisters and stepmother at the end. And death awaits our dear Prince. 23333 Please correct me if I'm wrong, but anyways this is just my own views.

The graphics are great, I don't understand Japanese that much so I really can't comment on it, Gameplay and sound are the same with some raising games like "Into the Dark Woods: Snow White and The Pitiful 7 Dwarves."

Anyway, really liked it, would recommend to pass off boredom 23333.

Mr Love: Dream Date | SEA


Its a nice otome though I hope that the devs will add the Chinese and Korean Dubbing so that it will be a full set. That way we'll be more than satisfied with this version hehe.

EDIT: [賣萌][賣萌] Only editing this now but the Chinese dub is great![開心][開心][開心]

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