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a.k.a Sy.
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a.k.a Sy.
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Aster Tatariqus


High hope from What it called "HIGH GAME"
but MEH.
Everything need Diamond to unlock everything.
Though full Voice but NO.
Too much "Heaven Burn R*d" imagine because see a similar systems. and yes. this game not for me.
HBR still better for me.

70% L*WD, 30% Cute is a nice balance !

Honkai: Star Rail


Mom, pick me up here ~

Meh, this is realy drop my though about this game. even The event you need to Pay 2000 Paid Gems (around $30) to unlock for Buying at Premium items. JUST EVENT YOU KNOW, and the premium shop just for #1. imagine if there will be another premium shop #2, #3, #4 .......

why not Put that Paid thing out of Event like another Packs.

USUALLY An event is : All free for every player. and if we need an additional item, then we can look into the Packs .

old thing

Clash Of Sky丨English


Turn off Play-Protect if you face the problem.

Kamigoroshi no Aria


I though "New" as it is. But its just Cross-Flatform release(?) and why? both DMM and F*NZA have released it in the past year (R15 / R18).
the different is, now you can directly download from Gplay / AppStore. not just from DMM Games.

Better continue from F*NZA game.



Just for CDK

Here we go again ~

IDOLY PRIDE | Japanese


Be careful, this game is verry addictive. Even with "IDLE" gameplay, but you still can doing 'another' thing such as seeing story, chatting with girls etc,.
Don't too bother with Bad Pulls or Banner, All girls you get can Raise her Stars (even from 1star you can raise to 7stars or above).

As for banner Girls Guarantee Get 100 point For that Girl (Guarantee Increasing her stars to 6)
if you get Banner Girls, do not happy too much, Banners END and your girls stuck from that stars(lol)

as me my self, always hope to seing 'Duplicate' character for increasing stars from Pulling.

Just Leave it to "OMAKASE" and you will be fine ~

it's my first 'game' for re: Light . but i know Idol Battle from Revue Re Live, but still, its really awesome. 3GiG++ for first download, and another 1GiG++ for data Map/CG/animation/etc..,
bit 'ERO' , much 'Shimoneta'.
for extra, i heard HanaKana from first scene, that make me more exciting.

COUNTER: SIDE | Japanese


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Though still free reroll Ryu 
3+3 . No UR scene card.
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