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Other news will have a follow up posts later.
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Other news will have a follow up posts later.
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Fate/Grand Order has really evolved in the past years. Almost 5 years ago since they've started this game. A bit of trivia for F/GO they've thought on using chibi characters as their sprite for the servants. Luckily that didn't materialize since there are numerous mobage games using chibi characters on their in game sprites.

•Graphics : It's one of the unique graphics on mobage and their Development team has been doing a lot of improvement on the graphics from the servant sprites and ascension art, It's UI, Skill effects,Maps (effects on the field or enemy NPCs) and CGs. They've really up'ed their CGs making their players to really enjoy the story with those kind of visual.

•Sound : From their VAs (Seiyuu's aka Voice Actors) on voicing their servants to sound effects on their CGs and BGM on battles are really top notch. You can really see the effort done to have these kind of results.

•Gameplay : Most of us are familiar on turn based mobage like FGO. But they make sure their gameplay is unique and continuing on updating it. At first their most popular game mechanic feature is Break system, when you depleted the Enemy NPC health the first bar of hp will break then the next bar of hp shows up which the NPC will act everytime the player breaks a bar. IE : activates a defensive skill or remove/debuff players servants, charge to full gauge and activate NPCs Noble Phantasm. It differs on type of NPC. It's still one of the core game mechanics on battle quests specially with an Enemy Boss NPC. Though they're adding more mechanics so players won't easily beat it and makes the game battle quests more enjoyable. Though almost 95% of the game is farming for materials, QP and exp cards to raise your servants.

•Storyline : At their 1st year FGO's first half of Season 1 or Arc 1 doesn't really have interesting stories. It started to have a good story on Arc 1 Chapter 6 Camelot then Chapter 7 Babylonia and final chapter Solomon. Arc 1.5's Sub Singularities can stand alone on its own and has definitive story and characters. Arc 1.5 is where chaldea looks for the remnants of demon pillars and also prologue for Arc 2.
Arc 2 is currently on LB 5.2 Olympus which is released last April. Chaldea's goal here is to restore pan human history and defeat the Alien God. Here on Arc 2 they've really started to make it so good though there are still some parts that can be refined but overall it's a good ride on story and battle quests.

•Value : For me Fate/Grand Order is already invaluable. I really enjoy to play it and even more when I'm playing with my friends. Yes it's drop rate is definitely not the highest among other mobages but for me it's fine since you really feel that your lucky when you get an SSR servant. In reality it's not really necessary to have SSR but of course if you want to have a faster and efficient way on farming and clearing story quests or challenge quest then you really need an SSR. I'm casually whaling on FGO everytime there's an GSSR on going so 2 times a year.

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